heavenhellHeavy Metal legends Heaven & Hell launched their summer tour supporting their new Top 10 album “The Devil You Know” in Bogota, Columbia on Tuesday night to rave reviews. The set list was shortened significantly due to the band hitting the stage late due to technical issues with the stage lighting. A fan has put together some fantastic amateur footage of the band’s performance and if this is any indication of what’s to come, I can call it now and say that this just may be the metal tour of the year if not one of the top tours of the summer.


Heaven & Hell – Bogota, Columbia 05/05/2009

01. E5150
02. Mob Rules
03. Children of the Sea
04. I
05. Bible Black
06. Time Machine
07. Drum Solo
08. Fear
09. Falling off the Edge of the World
10. Follow the Tears
11. Die Young
12. Heaven & Hell

13. Country Girl (partial)
14. Neon Knights

It’s constantly, over the years been argued as to what Sabbath era is best, Ozzy or Dio.  I’m as big a fan of the Ozzy-era as anyone but I will have to say that the Dio era turned out to of the absolute most classic metal albums, “Heaven & Hell” & “Mob Rules”.  I’d put those two up there with any of the Ozzy era albums any day.  I wish Ozzy would just see this band one time for himself and realize that how not needed he is anymore in the rock and roll world. He made a huge mark, created a legacy and totally destroyed it all in his lifetime. Instead of dying a legend, he’ll die a big doped up muppet.


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