brainfartlogo-300x2302012 was yet another amazing year of interviews for The Great Southern Brainfart.  I can remember when 2011 was drawing to a close and I had no interviews lined up for 2012 and I said, “I hope I have some cool interviews in 2012.”  Well, as you can see below, I have had an absolute blast with interviews this year.  2012 saw me reconnecting with some old favorites like Bob Pantella of Riotgod, Axel Rudi Pell, Tony Foresta of Municipal Waste, and Jonatan Ramm of Graveyard.  2012 also saw me getting to connect with people that I have been dying to talk to such as Shane Clark of 3 Inches of Blood, Arjen Lucassen, the legendary Doro Pesch.

Some truly stand out moments including laughing and hearing great stories from legendary Dio/Black Sabbath drummer Vinny Appice, talking with heavy metal anthropologist/film maker Sam Dunn, and getting to know and become buddies with Skid Row drummer Rob Hammersmith.  2012 was without a doubt another amazing year for me and I am grateful to all of you who have taken the time to comment on my work, send your feedback (both positive and negative), and for all of the support.  Without you all, there is no Brainfart.  Let’s do this again in 2013 shall we?  That is if the Mayans aren’t proven correct in their predictions…

January 25, 2012: Blowin’ Wind with Bob Pantella of Riotgod
February 8, 2012: Blowin’ Wind with Rob Caggiano of Anthrax
February 13, 2012: Blowin’ Wind with Shane Clark of 3 Inches of Blood
February 17, 2012: Blowin’ Wind with Jonatan Ramm of Graveyard
February 22, 2012: Blowin’ Wind with Tony Casteneda of Kyng
March 5, 2012: Blowin’ Wind with Michelle Schrotz of Brave/While Heaven Wept
March 21, 2012: Blowin’ Wind w/ Corrosion of Conformity’s Mike Dean
March 26, 2012: Blowin’ Wind with Municipal Waste’s Tony Foresta
March 30, 2012: Blowin’ Wind with Epica’s Simone Simons
April 4, 2012: Blowin’ Wind with Axel Rudi Pell
April 16, 2012: Blowin’ Wind with Gypsyhawk’s Ron Houser
May 7, 2012: Part 1 of 2: Blowin’ Wind w/ Kill Devil Hill’s Vinny Appice
May 9, 2012: Part 2 of 2: Blowin’ Wind w/ Kill Devil Hill’s Vinny Appice
May 25, 2012: Blowin’ Wind w/ Lacuna Coil’s Andi Ferro
June 4, 2012: Blowin’ Wind with Skid Row’s Rob Hammersmith
June 20, 2012: Blowin’ Wind with Great White’s Michael Lardie
July 11, 2012: Blowin’ Wind with Arjen Lucassen
August 1, 2012: Blowin’ Wind with Winger’s Kip Winger
August 15, 2012: Blowin’ Wind w/ Nick and Chris of Powerglove
September 3, 2012: Blowing Wind with While Heaven Wept’s Rain Irving
October 8, 2012: Blowin’ Wind with Kamelot’s Thomas Youngblood
October 19, 2012: Blowin’ Wind with Doro Pesch
November 7, 2012: Blowin’ Wind w/ Sam Dunn of Banger Films
December 7, 2012: Blowin’ Wind with Gypsyhawk’s Andrew Packer
December 17, 2012: Blowin’ Wind with Kyng’s Pepe Clarke


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looks like a bunch of win there to me. Great job, bro!

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