Iron-Maiden-Maiden-England-North-American-2012-tourI woke up on Monday morning to some of the most awesome news. After a highly successful and extensive North American tour behind their Maiden England Anniversary, Iron Maiden has announced a short, 7 date tour of the United States. After all the years of what I thought to be disdain and bitter snubnosedness towards the good ol’ US of A, Iron Maiden has proven me wrong, once again, regarding their lack of love for the Southeast (at least my portion of it).

This run of US shows seems like it may be a bit of a warm up before Iron Maiden heads out to headline the legendary Rock In Rio Festival, Brazil, on September 22. Warm up shwarm up. Call it what you want. I call it fucking awesome that Iron Maiden has been showing us some much needed, wanted, and deserved love. Even with all the fucking assface US fans bitching and complaining with shit like, “Wahhhh. They didn’t play Hallowed Be Thy Name”, or “Wah Wah… They didn’t play Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” Those idiots can eat a bowl of fuck as they are pretty much the very reason Maiden hates coming to the States in the first place. You wanna hear “the hits”? You should’ve gone to the Somewhere Back In Time tour. If you missed that tour, shut your whining. You had your chance.

steve_harris-4353The Maiden England tour has been an amazing tour and probably my favorite Iron Maiden tour to date. This tour had Maiden revisiting one of their greatest eras as a band and the set lists featured some pretty awesome surprises that had this fanboy jumping up and down like a spastic child in need of Ritalin. This was a great tour for the diehard fans and not one for the more casual, fair-weather Maiden Fans.

Iron Maiden’s Maiden England North American Mini-Tour will start with their first ever performance in Raleigh, NC on September 3rd followed by a show in Nashville, where Maiden haven’t played in over 20 years, at the Bridgestone Arena on September 5. The tour will feature Megadeth as direct support for the entire run which will wrap up with Facemelt Fest 2013 in San Bernadino, California. In addition to Megadeth in the direct support slot, the San Bernadino show will also feature opening slots from Overkill, Sabaton, Testament, and Anthrax who hopefully will not be playing anything from their crappy Anthems covers EP. I’d give my left nut to be able to hit this show but nothing sounds more dangerous than hitting a show in San Bernadino alone.imgBruce Dickinson8

Thanks Iron Maiden! We appreciate the love and I can promise you that I will punch the first bastard that I hear complaining that you guys didn’t play . I promise.

Maiden England North American Tour
Iron Maiden w/ Special Guest: Megadeth

September 3rd – Raleigh, NC
September 5th – Nashville, TN
September 7th –Kansas City, MO
September 8th – St. Louis, MO
September 10th – Austin, TX
Septmeber 12th – Las Vegas, NV
September 13th – The Battle of San Bernadino (w/ Sabaton, Overkill, Testament, & Anthrax)


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AJ says:

That San Bernadino bill NEEDS to tour. Jesus tap dancing Christ what a show that would be.

Erik Peterson says:

I believe I was one of those fucking assface US fans bitching and complaining with shit like, “Wahhhh. They didn’t play Hallowed Be Thy Name”. Looks like I’d better get my Raleigh tickets. I hope the play Still Life.

I live out here and share your company Bern about SB alone. I have to find a sparring partner to go with. Rough up there.

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