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Look at these jerks? They look like gear thieves who sell shit for meth.

Just over the past few years, the number of bands getting their gear stolen out of their vans/trailers has been staggering. This kind of horrible shit usually happens when the band has loaded out and left the van unattended to get paid, go get a bite to eat, or crash in a dirty ass motel room for the night. I just read today about how The Jeff Loomis Band just had all of their shit stolen out of their van after leaving it unattended for ten fucking minutes to go get some food. It’s bad enough to read about this shit but in the case of Atlanta based thrashers Sadistic Ritual, it gets even worse.

According to the band’s official Facebook page, Sadistic Ritual was performing a show with Memphis based band and Housecore Records recording dicks Evil Army who showed their appreciation to Sadistic Ritual by stealing the bands bass gear. Here is what the band posted on their Facebook Page:.


Unfortunately, as of yet, no YouTube footage of said ass kicking has surfaced but you can rest assured that as soon as it does I will post it for all to see.

Reading this really chapped my fucking hide.  I mean, it’s bad enough that bands are getting their shit stolen but for a band to steal from another band?  What  the fuck is wrong with these guys.  The metal community (as I’m sure most other communities are) is a tight community and is about coming together to work with each other and help each other out.  The fact that these guys flat out stole from another band and got caught is a blow to the community that luckily has a happy ending.  Sadistic Ritual got their gear back and the word on Evil Army has been spread.  That is why I am here doing this.  This shit will not go down on deaf ears and blind eyes.

Bands, fans, venues, be on the look out for Evil Army.  They are a band of thieves and they are not to be trusted.  If you’d like to send Evil Army your thoughts on their band, check out the links below.  Besides, they’re a shitty fucking band so that just makes it all the easier. Reach out and e-slap them via Facebook and while you’re at it, drop Phil Anselmo at Housecore Records a line and let him know what bunch of sacks of shit he has on his label.

And just for the record, I don’t dig Sadistic Ritual.  They’re not really my cup of tea but I feel that this story at least deserved to be posted.

Evil Army Facebook:
Housecore Records:

Have at it kids!

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NeoJeo says:

Look dude, this goes for you, your site and for the so-called metal community that you and your site romanticize. Thievery is wrong. Very wrong. There is no justification for it. In this case, no one knows the truth, and yes, even then, and even as a friend and fan of Evil Army I still should be fair and admit that this rightfully casts a shadow of suspicion and caution around them getting close to your belongings. Like I said, in Memphis we’ve had to like their music in spite of their behavior, tragically, and keep our distance when at one time we didn’t have to. Very sad, for now.
That post I made, which was called irrelevant, was to tell the truth about Evil Army, the who, the when and the why about them and their band, without justifying the poor judgement that one or more of them may have made. I said things about them that needed to be said because no one else would, even all these months after the storm.
People talk about this incident as if they were there and involved, and take pure conjecture and mold it into something that will feed their latent and most base level, sanctimonious lynch mob mentality, disregarding completely any fair and rational observation in favor of the immediate gratification of feeling better than someone and important to a romanticized version of a collective of similar musical tastes. They act like they’re outraged but they’re actually glad it happened. They secretly like it when these things happen. Unprovable claims that are all the proof they need to feel better about themselves. They respond to an alleged act of poor judgement with this overly eager, self-indulgent gossip and slander and somehow they think it’s a better thing to do for their imagined community than stealing a piece of equipment.
So no, my post was not irrelevant, it just had more to say than misguided rage and guilty-pleasure slander.
Another thing, did I mention thievery was wrong and inexcusable? Good, because at the same time, it’s a very common thing in this business. Things will get lost or stolen but you don’t go out of your way making a big fuss to as many people as possible when worse things happen to better bands who accept their loss and move forward. People who say otherwise are probably not in a band.

NeoJeo says:

Evil Army was great. People just now catching onto them will never know the first few years as a respectable, productive local phenomenon that Memphis needed. They were metal, but they were also punk. They had just the right mix and a brilliantly simple concept. They are good people. Not perfect by any means. But considering there backgrounds they did something great and held on as long as they could. A medical procedure leading to a dependency on painkillers and being surrounded by people who only wanted to ride the coat tails of their local success, not having the music or the members best interests at heart at all, is what has caused some of the behavior and roadblocks since 2008. 5 years at the peak, followed by 5 years in a valley. They’ve had a longer and harder road than probably any band you can think of. People have a right to think and say anything they want. Those who have seen the best and the worst, as personal friends and fans from the same city, will give them their credit.

The Brainfart says:

None of what you said have any kind of relevance to the fact that these guys attempted to steal gear from another hard working band. Hard times or not, a thief is still a thief.

Frankin Balls says:

The bassist in that picture is BONES(R.I.P) He was a good dude, Just wanna make that clear. The bassist fuck that stole is Tyler. Just wanna make that clear!

The Brainfart says:

Thank you for clarifying this fact.

Zac says:

The guy in the middle has been dead for a couple of years now so he’s not part of the theft

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