11723263-largeI fucking love Geoff Tate.  Geoff Tate is the fucking man yet nobody really seems to be able to recognize this.  As we all know at this point, Queensryche has been divided into two camps.  You have Queensryche, and then Geoff Tate’s Queensryche who are both battling over who the real Queensryche is.  Will the real Queensryche please stand up?  Well, none of us are to say who the real Queensryche truly is as it is all just a matter of opinion.  Some folks can say that it’s not Queensryche without Geoff Tate, others will say that it can’t be Queensryche with only Geoff Tate and other guys, and finally there are those that will say that Queensryche stopped being Queensryche the day that Chris DeGarmo quit the band.  All that being said, this isn’t a Queensryche article.  This is an article about how fucking awesome Geoff Tate is.

Geoff Tate is the fucking man and I’ll tell you why.  The reason I fucking love Geoff Tate so goddamn much is that he has managed to take all of the negative backlash that has been thrown at him and totally use it as a weapon of defense.  It’s actually brilliant and hilarious all at the same time.  I’ll be honest, I haven’t truly loved or really liked a Queensryche album since Promised Land but I have totally found myself loving Tate’s two solo releases, especially his latest release “Kings and Theives.”  Geoff Tate is a weird motherfucker.  First off, I really had no interest in hearing his last solo album but because of all the negative response it was getting, I just had to hear it for myself.  What I actually heard was a guy who just don’t give a fuck about what anyone has to say about him.  Songs like “Say U Luv It” and “The Way I Roll” literally made me say, “Is this guy for real” and then discuss it with my buddy Jaymz countless times.  That fucking rules.  Tate is a true artist and is making art.  Have you ever been to an art gallery before?  People standing around looking at this painting that pretty much looks like someone shit in their hand and flung it on the wall and they’re all dissecting it, pulling it apart and trying to make sense of it.  That’s exactly what Tate is doing.

HAHA.  I just realized that you’re thinking, “Tate shit in his hand and flung it on a wall?”  Well,

You Mad Bro?

You Mad Bro?

that’s up to you to decide but what I’m saying is that Geoff Tate creates music that makes you think and discuss it.  I can’t tell you how many bands make shitty albums and they never get talked about yet here comes Geoff Tate with his solo album and latest Queensryche album and there are pages upon pages of hate talk.  See what he did there?  Geoff Tate has totally made you think, dissect, and discuss what it is that he’s doing.  That, my friends, is the sign of great art.  Great art doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to like it.  I fucking hate art for the most part and all those shitty paintings but I understand the impact and even the importance of their existence.  Maybe people are just so pissed that Tate has gotten so deep into their minds that they can’t take it.

Another great example of just how fucking brilliant Geoff Tate is how he recently had his PR people post a contest.  The contest was to have people who hated the latest album Frequency Unknown to record a video of themselves talking about how much they hate the album and to submit it via YouTube.  The winner would be selected to be flown out to a show and get free tickets and all this shit.  This is where it gets awesome.  Tate then compiled a video montage of some his favorite rants and they were the most asinine, ridiculous looking and ridiculous acting people he could find.  You had the fat, crackhead chick on the couch, the dorky dude, the chick who thinks she’s hot recording from her bedroom, and the “Metal Madman” completely making a fool of himself as he stands in his driveway ranting about the “classless album art” as he drinks a beer trying to look cool and grabbing his nuts.  Absolutely fucking priceless.  See what Tate did there?  He managed to take all these idiots who thought they were being cool and flip the table on them making them look absolutely ridiculous, childish, and asinine.  Who’s the fool now people?

Geoff Tate is the fucking man.  I love this guy and I will always respect and enjoy this guy’s presence in the world.  I may not love or even like most of what he has to offer but I can respect that.  Geoff Tate is making art and whether you think his stuff is “shit on a canvas” or something amazing is all subjective and up to you.  I personally wish Tate would forge on forward as Geoff Tate and build upon what he’s done with his two solo albums but again, that’s not my call.  Geoff Tate is an artist.  He makes people think, he makes people mad, he makes people talk, and he makes people feel.  Like it or not, this is the truth and just keep talking about him.  Keep hating him.  Keep bashing him.  Geoff Tate will just stay longer and keep delivering to you whatever it is the fuck he wants to deliver to you.  Why?  Because he’s Geoff Fucking Tate.  That’s why.


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Flash says:

I think we should keep that between Geoff and myself. I suppose you could ask her.

Flash says:

I love fucking Geoff Tate!

The Brainfart The Brainfart says:

Does Geoff’s wife know this?

Bertilfly says:

I saw Queensrych for the first time when they OPENED for Y&T in a BAR in Upstate New York! At the time, I was blown away by Geoff Tate’s voice and by the entire band. Over the years, I have been pleased that they haven’t played it safe. I am sad that this whole thing is just dissolving into this situation now but I agree with this article. GT is the fucking MAN! Talent, Brains and the guts to use both the the fullest extent, regardless of consequence! If only he would just drop the QR moniker…

Geoff Tate Has a 1/2 Octave Range says:

So Geoff tate is amazing and the new White Wizzard singer sucks,… FAG…

The Brainfart The Brainfart says:

Joey Mikey. I think it’s so precious how you keep coming back. Absolutely adorable!

Danaë Saree says:

I do think I’m hot… U mad bro? Check out the rest of my videos.

The Brainfart The Brainfart says:

HAHA. You keep thinking that way butterface.

Dan Naylor says:

People aren’t dissecting his work, they’re simply calling a spade a spade and recognizing that he’s a nepotist egomaniac who thought he was the be-all-end-all of Queensryche. They (Eddie, Mike, & Scott) have now professionally demonstrated that he is not by making an album that puts his (F.U.) to shame. GT should just take whats left of his good name and go solo. As you stated, KIngs & Thieves is a decent album and GT is an artist–an artist who tired off Queensryche’s niche and made a mess of it by starting the Jason Slater show and attempting to muscle out the other guys. All the publicity is not about GT’s work, it’s about the fact that he almost ruined Queensryche and that most fans wish bullyboy Tate would just go away and let the real ‘ryche do its thing. Most fans are using words like douchebag, not artist. It’s a real pity because I believe most fans would have been happy to have GT finish his career with QR, even with his aging voice, if he had remained a team player and fulfilled his other artistic desires via solo releases. You blew it Geoff.

Finally something positive about this guy! I’ve been a huge fan of Geoff Tate for a long time and it’s a little heartbreaking to read about all the negativity surrounding him and the breakup (or change up) of QR. I haven’t heard this album yet but I’m definitely going to check it out!!

AJ says:

So what you’re saying is that Geoff Tate is basically the Honey Badger of music.

I personally dismiss his music on the grounds that he’s a diva would-be has-been pop metal sensation with an over-inflated ego and just an all-around asshole with a ridiculous vest fetish.

Both Queensryches kind of bore me, to be honest, but I’ll be sticking to the side of Tatelessryche for the foreseeable future.

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