progpower-for-webThis past weekend ProgPower USA stormed through Atlanta. How was it? How the hell would I know? I didn’t go and in all honesty, with only two bands on the bill that I really wanted to see (Sabaton and Armored Saint) I just couldn’t justify the ticket cost. Well, as they do every year at ProgPower, Glen and Co. announced the line up for next year’s festival and all I can say is that this is going to be without a doubt one that I will not be missing.

ProgPower USA 2014 Line Up:

FRIDAY roster:
Stratovarius – US EXCLUSIVE appearance (Finland)
Seventh Wonder – performing “Mercy Falls” in its entirety – WORLD EXCLUSIVE! (Sweden)
Overkill (US)
Leprous (Norway)
Orden Ogan (Germany)
Disperse (Poland)

SATURDAY roster:
Jon Oliva’s Pain performing “Streets: A Rock Opera” in its entirety WORLD EXCLUSIVE! (US)
Pain of Salvation performing “Remedy Lane” in its entirety – WORLD EXCLUSIVE! (Sweden)
Masterplan (Germany)
Voodoo Circle (Germany)
Divided Multitude (Norway)
Withem (Norway)

ProgPower USA has also announced the line up for the Thursday night kick-off show. The kick off will feature Pagan’s Mind, DGM, and Draekon. Yeah, you heard me right… DRAEKON! I don’t have (and didn’t see) the confirmed dates for ProgPower USA 2014 but they did say that tickets will go on sale October 1, 2014.

Jon Oliva? Seventh Wonder? Overkill? Masterplan? Voodoo Circle? Draekon? DRAEKON? Those acts alone solidified the fact that I am going to do all I can to attend next year’s festival. I am also going to work hard on working with Glen, the labels, and PR people to try and bring as many set reviews, interviews, and photos that I can bring to my readers. ProgPower is a festival that has never been covered here on the Great Southern Brainfart and hopefully we can change that in 2014!


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ted says:

Thrash Prog Power? I never knew Overkill was Prog or Power. Who am I kidding. They also seem to book bands with Britney Spears or Amy Lee would be at home fronting. None this year, but I’m sure it will change.

Jon says:

I’m not sure I could justify the cost myself, but that’s definitely a significant upgrade on the lineup in terms of my interest. We even mostly agree on the bands that constitute the most intriguing 🙂

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