Banger Films To Release “Super Duper Alice Cooper” Documentary


Sam Dunn and Banger Films have been responsible for taking the world of heavy metal into the world of cinema with such ground breaking documentaries as Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, Global Metal, Metal Evolution, and the award winning Iron Maiden documentary Flight 666.  In 2012 I had the pleasure of doing an interview with Sam Dunn (read it here: Blowin’ Wind w/ Sam Dunn) and in that interview he spoke of a documentary he was working on about the legendary Alice Cooper.

Alice Cooper is such an iconic and interesting piece of rock n’ roll, hard rock, and metal yet there really is little known about the real story behind him.  Years and years of embellished urban legends and hearsay have been the majority of the things that have backed the Alice Cooper legend but now, thanks to Banger Films, the real story will be known.  This spring, Banger Films will be release the documentary Super Duper Alice Cooper and I cannot fucking wait to see this.  This is going to be a great watch and as a huge Alice Cooper fan, this is something that I’ve been waiting a very long time.  Judging by the trailer, I have to say that it looks like Sam Dunn and Co. have hit yet another home run.  Enjoy the trailer and when this is released, you all can definitely expect a full review from yours truly.

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