Exclusive Track Premiere of Volume IV’s “Long in the Tooth” From the Forthcoming Album “Long in the Tooth.”


volumeIVAtlanta metal power trio (and Brainfart faves) Volume IV is a band that I have been raving about ever since hearing them for the first time a couple of years ago. Their live shows are monumental displays of dedication, love, and passion for all things metal. Seeing Volume IV live is a truly moving and powerful experience and while the band teased us with their 4 song EP last year, it just wasn’t enough. We wanted more. I wanted more.

Well, it seems that our prayers and demands will be met on March 11th when Volume IV releases their full length debut album “Long in the Tooth.” Thanks for both Volume IV and Ripple Music I am proud to host the exclusive premiere of the song “Long in the Tooth” and I couldn’t think of a more suiting representation of Volume IV. It’s a great song and it’s just a mere tease of what lies ahead for Volume IV and their fans.

Volume IV will be celebrating the release of “Long in the Tooth” this Friday night, February 28th, in Atlanta, GA at the Star Bar in Little 5 Points. The band will have a assortment of merch available including copies of the new album “Long in the Tooth.” If you like what you hear than just wait as the rest of the album will truly blow your mind.

For more on Volume IV, head on over to https://www.facebook.com/VolumeIV

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