One Hour of Metal is where I either put my iTunes on shuffle or tune into a metal internet radio station and for one hour I document what I hear. The good, the bad and the downright awful are always represented with honesty in this segment. Some hours are better than others as you will see in this series.

This time around I just put the iTunes on shuffle and let it go. Kind of like a Russian Roulette of sorts. Pretty scare because you never know just what your going to get. So let’s get started shall we?


Lillian Axe – Show a Little Love

I love me some fucking Lillian Axe and this is one of my favorite songs by them. Why these guys weren’t as big as their peers is beyond me but I loved this band. Just like any other band they had some crappy moments but I always thought they were a solid band. Ron Taylor has to be one of the best fucking singers from this era that never got the credit he deserved. This song makes me happy.


Tygers of Pan Tang – Badger Badger

I never really understood this band’s name but who gives a fuck? I love this fucking song and it totally sounds like Udo Dirkschneider rockin’ the mic on this one. Everytime I hear this band it just reminds me that I don’t listen to them enough. This song totally reminds me of UFO with Udo on vocals and trust me, that doesn’t suck. This song kicks fucking ass.


Megadeth – Take No Prisoners

YES! Every time I hear this song I just want to jump into a fucking mosh pit and own that shit like a boss. Well, these days I’d probably throw my back out so I’ll just settle with headbanging in the balcony from my comfy seat. This song (and album) truly stood the test of time and ages like a fine wine. This song never gets old. Fucking LOVE this song. Go Junior!!!!


Jorn Lande – Below

Jorn has to be without a doubt one of my favorite modern metal vocalists. Ever since hearing him for the first time on an Avantasia album I was floored and as of now have everything he’s done. This is such a great song and you really hear the strong Dio influence that this guy has. I really in a lot of ways with that Heaven and Hell would’ve forged forward with Jorn on vocals instead of running back Ozzy to do Sabbath again. Solid fucking song and amazing performance.


Sabaton – Endless Nights

It’s amazing how different of a band Sabaton grew into and what a much better vocalist Joakim became. I really don’t like this song and I really don’t like Metalizer as a whole either. I mean, it doesn’t suck but its light years away from the greatness that Sabaton was. I’ll have to go take a dump during this one. Sorry guys.


Yngwie Malmsteen – Crying

Gotta love the random, beautiful Yngwie piece. As much of an egotistical prick as he can be, the man is a goddamn genius on the guitar. This is a nice lil mellow piece to enjoy with my cup of coffee. Diggin’ it.


Allen/Lande – The Revenge

What are the chances? Two Jorn songs in one run? Nice. I REALLY love the Allen/Lande albums as in addition to Jorn being one of my favorite singers, so is Sir Russell Allen. Hearing these two voices together just never gets old and this song is one of my favorites from this collection of great albums. Symphonic harmonious bliss without a doubt.


Twisted Sister – The Kids are Back

Anyone who thinks Twisted Sister is just a joke band needs to back and listen to the Live at Hammersmith album. This album captures TS in a REAL live element and really shows just what a fucking juggernaut this band was. This song always kicks my ass and hearing this one always reminds me why I fell in love with this band in the first place. Pure fucking classic that never dies.


Black Sabbath – Seventh Star

It’s a shame it took me so many years to discover the greatness of some of these Black Sabbath albums post Ozzy and Dio. The Seventh Star is one of those “how did I miss this” albums. Glenn Fucking Hughes owning shit and sounding absolutely amazing on these songs. This track is so fucking groovy and dark and it totally has a bit of a Deep Purple feel to it (surprise). This song is epic and I wanna hear it again. Excuse me.


The Devil’s Blood – If Not A Vessel

One of my favorite bands of the last decade who came and went in the blink of an eye. This comes from their last album which was released unmastered and untouched up in its rawest form as the band’s swan song. Such a sad thing to see such an amazing band go so fast but they left behind some amazing music and this is a testament to how great, creative, and absolutely face meltingly insane they were. I love this song and all the chaos that comes with it.


Witchcraft – It’s So Easy

My Swedish brethren. I love my swede bands and Witchcraft is one of the ones at the top of the heap along with Graveyard. It’s a shame that they never managed to break out like Graveyard did but whatevs. This song fucking kicks ass and makes me feel like I’m being covered in warm molasses. This must be what heroin sounds like if it had a sound. You know what I mean. This shit rules.


Pride & Glory – Harvester of Pain

Ya know, I really like this album and I thought it was pretty fucking cool. This was before Zakk went into his biker metal Captain Caveman metal Viking phase. I really dig the fuck out of the groove in this song and I think his vocals are awesome. I always dug his voice when he was just singing and not trying to be all fucking Neanderthal and what not. Cool fucking song and reminds me I need to revisit this album.


AC/DC – Shot Down in Flame (Live)

The older I get, the more I love Bon Scott and realize what a perfect fucking front man he was. What a goddamn master at the trade. He had a voice that was so full of soul and fire and he could command a room like none other and do it so naturally. What a powerful voice and what a great, gritty, song. Just another reminder that I need to crank some Bon today while cleaning my fucking house! Later fuckers!


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