ace-frehley-anomaly-2009One of my all time favorites Ace Frehley is back with his first solo album in over 20 years “Anomaly”.  Ace might not be the greatest songwriter in the world but let’s face it… IT’S ACE!  Ace is a fucking hoot and KISS fans have always had a place in their heart for Ace.  He’s the one that broke up all the monotony of KISS and made things loose and fun.  He was the cool one.  He was the one that when he got his turn at the mic, he rocked our faces off with songs like “Shock Me” and “Rocket Ride”.  I always thought Ace was the fucking coolest.  Besides, he hands down put out the best solo album of the KISS solo album collection and “Back In The New York Groove” is still one of my favorite songs.

When he split from KISS, Ace went on to put together Frehley’s Comet which name alone shows a lot of his humor and fun.  The music was great fun.  Its not brain surgery or rocket science but it’s Ace Frehley.  The songs are fun to listen to and at times, painful.  One of my favorite Ace moments came 1989 when Ace put out “Trouble Walkin'”.  The album was a great listen and showed Ace in top form and he even included an ELO cover “Do Ya” which was pretty much all Ace.  He just fucking owned that song.

Over the years, Ace found he way back to KISS for a couple of tours, said his goodbyes on their farewell tour and word was out that Ace was working on a solo album.  Years went by and he kept a low profile, popping up at KISS Konventions, KISS Koffeehouse appearances in Myrtle Beach and sitting in with random bands.  Earlier this year, we learned that Ace was putting the finishing touches on an untitled solo album and then next thing I know, it’s FINALLY announced that Ace is going to release “Anomaly” on September 15th.

The first single from “Anomaly” called “Space Ace” can be heard at his website  I really like the song cuz ya know what?  It’s Ace.  Again, it’s not groundbreaking or stratospheric but its Ace Frehley.  It rocks and I’m sure the rest of this album will.  I always thought of Ace the same way I think of Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead.  Ace was the heart and soul of KISS.  He was the guy that loved the music.  Didn’t care so much about the larger than life monster that they were to become but he loved the music.  He love playing the guitar and he loved entertaining the fans which is much like Lesh.

Will this album sell a million copies?  Probably not.  Will it kick ass?  Most likely.  Will he tour behind this?  You better believe he will and the best part is that he’ll be performing small venues and the shows will be so much fun you won’t know what to fucking do with yourself.  The Ace is back kids…  let’s have some fun!

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Robert says:

I agree with you about ACE. He is one of the most beloved members of KISS but I’m sorry, Anomaly is terrible. I have listened to it about 6-7 times now and all I can say is “This is the best he could do after 20 freakin years?”

Robert, I’ll have to give it a good listen which I haven’t had time to do yet. I was just listening to “Trouble Walkin'” a few nights ago and what a great album that is. I think the cover of “Fox On The Run” off the new one is pretty brilliant as is a few of the other samples I heard. Nothing groundbreaking but it is Ace. I’ll have to listen and get back to everyone with my thoughts.

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