I was having a conversation with my best friend on the phone today. We were talking about the current state of heavy metal today. This is a really touchy subject as you can imagine with me. As someone who has been running this one man operation of a metal blog for the past five years, I can honestly tell you that I have heard some metal bands out there that very well could single handedly save metal forever. These are bands that are not just good but outstanding. They are bands that I feel like could wait in the wings for the forefathers before them to take their final bow and carry the torch for them and proudly do so for generations to come.

If you’ve read my blog, you’ve heard me talk about these bands. Holy Grail, 3 Inches of Blood, Graveyard, Jess and the Ancient Ones, Draekon, Scorpion Child, Vindicator, Kyng, etc. These are just a few bands off of the top of my head that represent many different faces and aspects of metal music. The only problem is this: these bands are almost completely ignored by the general public, the media, and most importantly and sadly, the ones that should be paying attention to these bands the most: the forefathers themselves.

Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath are pretty much the godfathers of metal at this point that are still kicking it out on the road. They’re still playing arenas to tons of people and these guys have the best opportunity to expose their faithful followings to the future of metal. Let’s face the harsh reality here. These bands are not going to be around forever. I mean, while Maiden did recently put out their best album in like 20 years just recently, Priest and Sabbath are pretty much hanging on by a thread and really need to start considering their retirement options. Call me an asshole but it’s true. They’re not as strong as their once were and it’s really showing in both their live performances and their recordings. With that being said, shouldn’t they be thinking about who is going to carry the torch for them?

So as I write this piece jacked on coffee and utter frustration, I am looking at the cover of the latest issue of Revolver Magazine. The cover reads “The Future of Metal” and shows Black Veil Brides, Motionless in White, Of Mice and Men, and Periphery. Yeah, I know right? Who the fuck are these fucking s? If you’re like me this was met with a big ol’ “what the fucking fuck?” True metal music is in absolute danger of being flushed into a black hole of forgotten obscurity by these shitty mallrat Hot Topic employee bands like this. These bands calling themselves “metal” are the equivalent to calling generic store brand cola “Coke.” It might look like it, and might kind of taste like it, but coca cola it definitely is not.

So why are these shitty bands being crowned the future of metal over the bands that are out there preserving the true essence of metal as we know it? Well, that’s the million dollar fucking question but the answer I have is this: It’s because those bands have been sadly neglected by the powers that be and not given the opportunity to truly show what they are doing and how well they are doing it. There are so many classic metal bands that hit the road that truly understand what is going on in metal and have awarded opportunities to these young up and comers.

Exodus at one point took out Holy Grail as their support act. Bay Area thrash legends Death Angel took out Bonded by Blood and even Megadeth took out Kyng as their direct support on their last tour. King Diamond recently did it very much right when he chose Finnish up and coming occult metal band Jess and the Ancient Ones as his support act on his US tour. This was such a bold move but it proved that King himself is still has his eyes and ears tuned in to what is currently going on in metal beneath the surface. He actively sought out a band that is fresh and new and gave them the opportunity to show audiences that they were one of the many new faces of metal. While these bands did it right, why are the legends themselves such as Priest, Maiden, and Sabbath totally dropping the ball for heavy metal?

If you look back on these bands last tours, it’s totally plain to see that they are nothing more than business ventures or management decisions made to move tickets. On Maiden’s last three tours, they took out Dream Theater, Alice Cooper, and Megadeth. While these were great bands that made for a great package, why wasns’t that opportunity given to some young, up and coming bands? Black Sabbath took out, of all acts, Andrew WK and the most appalling slap in the face of all time in my opinion was Judas Priest taking out a comedy/joke band Steel Panther.

When Judas Priest hit the road this year and announced they were taking Steel Panther out as their opening act, I just couldn’t believe it. Why? As a legendary, iconic metal band, why would you not take out one of these true, real, honest defenders of the faith (pun intended)? Show the massive span of generations that there is hope and that REAL heavy metal is alive and well. Why not support those bands that are working so hard to preserve the style of metal that you set the foundation for?  Let them be the ones to show the people that it’s not going away. This was a total lost opportunity at a changing of the guards so to speak. Instead, those audiences got “treated” to a raunchy comedy routine.

One of the reasons I started this website in the first place was because I got tired of being spoon fed what was supposed to be the new face of heavy metal made by emo kids with Hot Topic endorsements. If you really want to call this metal, by all means, do so but you know what? It’s not. It’s homogenized, over produced bullshit with no heart, no passion, no soul. It’s “music” made by people who wouldn’t know a real metal band if one took a shit on their front lawn. True, honest, and authentic hard rock/metal is alive and well. You’re not going to find it in the magazines, you won’t find it on the radio, and unfortunately you won’t find it being supported by the very bands that forged the genre.

It’s sad and unfortunate but the great forefathers of metal have let us down. They have totally missed the opportunities to pass the torch. They want to say that metal isn’t what it used to be or that there are no bands to carry the torch. Well, that’s because those bands are older guys with older ways of thinking. They have closed their minds, eyes, and ears and really seem to not have much desire to do the digging any more to see what is out there. As great as they may be, they are so out of touch with the music that they created to even know that there are bands out there willing and able to carry the torch for the years to come.

A few years ago, I spoke with Wolf Hoffman of Accept and he told me that he felt saddened that there weren’t any bands to carry the torch for bands like them, Maiden, Priest, etc once they’ve decided to bow out. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Those bands are all out there. They are thriving. They are working their asses off, putting on mind blowing shows, and creating music that rivals and even at times is right up to par with the greats that came before them. These bands are inspired by the forefathers and have taken it upon themselves to starve and not be popular while giving it all they have to preserve true heavy metal.

If I could have just 10 or 20 minutes in a room with these bands I would hook up my iPod and play them bands that would blow their fucking minds. There’s no doubt in my mind if Rob Halford heard “Trial of Champions” by 3 Inches of Blood that he would fucking lose his mind. If Bruce Dickinson heard “Black to Gold” by Christian Mistress and “Fight to Kill” by Holy Grail he’d be climbing the fucking walls. If Wolf Hoffman from Accept heard “Bastards of Noise and Aggression” by Vindicator he would probably feel the urge to fuck shit up. If Black Sabbath heard “Salvation Slave” by Scorpion Child, “Wizards” by Crobot, and “Electric Halo” by Kyng they could probably feel very comfortable knowing that metal would be just fine.

So to the forefathers and even the fans of TRUE metal, I say this: WAKE THE FUCK UP! If you really want to see the Future of Metal, look far beyond the covers of some shitty magazine like Revolver that knows as much about metal as my 71 year old mother. Long after all those Revolver bands wither and die, these great, unknown bands will have music that will eventually be unearthed and held in the highest regard for the gems that they are. It’s up to us, the true metal fans to keep the metal that we love, that we were raised on, alive. We can’t count on anyone else to do it for us so we must do it ourselves. This is our music and this is the music that deserves to shine.


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