BRAVE_surrounds-me-singleBrave – Surrounds Me (Single)
Release Date:2014
Label: Independent

I first became a fan of Brave back in 2011. The minute I heard them I just knew I was hearing one of my new favorite bands. After seeing them perform live in 2012 just sealed the deal for me and solidified their place in my top tier of favorite bands. Since then I have played their releases so much that I’m surprised I haven’t burned a hole in my hard drive. It feels like it’s been forever that I’ve been asking for new music from Brave but this year the planets aligned and for the first time since their 2008 release Monuments, we were given the gift of new music from Brave. After just one listen to Brave’s latest single Surrounds Me all I can say is that time has been very good to Brave.

“Surrounds Me” is an absolutely beautiful piece of ethereal music that captures everything that Brave is about to a “t.” As corny as it may sound, when I close my eyes and I listen to “Surrounds Me”, it’s like hearing a hauntingly beautiful masterpiece being painted in my mind. There are so many layers and dynamics to Brave’s music and “Surrounds Me” just seems to pick up where they left off creating a teaser of a whole new chapter that lies ahead for us. “Three Ravens” takes things down a few notches and really showcases Brave’s ability to embrace such a delicate yet dark medieval kind of depth. Vocalist/keyboardist Michelle Schrotz’s vocals are hauntingly beautiful yet hopeful and optimistic while being perfectly complimented by the brilliant acoustic playing of guitarists Scott Loose and Matt Kozar while the violin playing of Suvo Sur just sweeps in and out creating a chilling almost mystical like breeze filling in all the appropriate gaps.

Brave really got it right with these new songs and they continue to solidify themselves as one of my favorite bands. They are a band that manages to be intricate without being wanky or overindulgent in their playing. Brave approaches their craft with prog like abilities but with a more accessible mentality. I never feel stupid or left behind. With “Surrounds Me” and “Three Ravens”, I feel comfortable and I feel like I can totally lose myself in the music and the lyrics. If this is any indication of what Brave has in store for us in the form of a new album, I can honestly say that we are going to be in for one hell of a treat.

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