The Heavy Eyes – Maera
Release Date: December 29, 2012

Every now and then a band just totally falls completely under my radar and leaves me going, “How the living fuck did I miss this?” In 2012 I stumbled across a great self titled album by a band called The Heavy Eyes. The album made such an impact on me that I wrote it up as a feature called You Should Be Listening To ( I listened to that album a great bit and then like anything else with this site, I just got bombarded by band after band and The Heavy Eyes became a band that just went to the back of my mind.


One day just check to see if they had put out anything new and low and behold I saw that they had released the album Maera in 2012. How did I not hear of this? Well, I headed straight to Spotify to check it out and right off the bat I was reminded just why I fucking loved this band so much. The opening track “Levantado” just totally floored me but it was the epic track “These Men Are Wolves” that literally had me out of my chair and grooving out like a goddamn fool. Maera is a solid helping of psychedelic sludgy stoner rock with that is packed full of groove, well crafted songs and lyrics that pique my interest and have me interested in what’s being said. All to many times do bands have these great songs but you can’t understand the lyrics. I love that with The Heavy Eyes you can hear every word being sung. I always believed that if it’s a truly great song, the listener should be able to hear every word being sung.

Maera was just the wakeup call I needed as a reminder that The Heavy Eyes are a band to really keep my eyes open for. They blew me away in 2012 and I let them escape my sites but no more will that happen. The Heavy Eyes are going to be a band to really look out for in 2015 and if Maera is any indication of where they are heading as a band, the sky is limit for The Heavy Eyes.


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