So what day is better than Humpday or even Friday? Well, the answer would be TONY MARTIN TUESDAY! In the year 2015, the first and third Tuesday of each month will be known as TONY MARTIN TUESDAY. Why Tony Martin? Well, because he’s the fucking Cat and because Tony Martin fucking rules. This week we’re jamming the one of the most facemelting, kick ass Tony Martin era Black Sabbath songs, “Call of the Wild.”

I just can’t get enough of this fucking song. This song is without a doubt in my top 5 favorite Tony Martin tunes. As a matter of fact, it’s one of my favorite Black Sabbath tunes. That riff, that fucking melodic, hair raising riff and Tony’s vocals are just off the fucking charts. The chorus of this song just rocks my fucking face off and much like with “The Shining” I can totally hear Dio singing this song. The Headless Cross album is pretty much a Dio era Sabbath album without Dio so what’s there to NOT love? “Call of the Wild” is just another example of Tony Martin’s awesomeness and why he deserves to have his own day of the fucking week!


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