Welcome to the first of many installments of Tony Martin Tuesday! In the year 2015, the first and third Tuesday of each month will be known as TONY MARTIN TUESDAY. Why Tony Martin? Well, because he’s the fucking Cat and because Tony Martin fucking rules. This week we’re jamming probably one of the most amazing and unique deliveries from The Cat, “Spirit of the Night.”

“Spirit of the Night” is a song written by English guitarist Mario Parga. I don’t know much about Mario Parga other than he’s a fucking bad ass. I also know that this dude had the fucking Cat singing with him so he has to be a cool motherfucker. Anyways, from what I could find, “Spirit of the Night” was originally an instrumental song but in 2008, Parga invited his mate Tony Martin to guest on vocals and the end result is absolutely fucking amazing. Once again, we see just how versatile The Cat could be. One minute he’s ripping your face off with Sabbath and then the next he’s soulfully brooding over classical guitars and strings. This guy knows no boundaries and this is just another example of just how fucking great Tony Martin is.


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