Welcome to Tony Martin Tuesday! In the year 2015, the first and third Tuesday of each month will be known as TONY MARTIN TUESDAY. Why Tony Martin? Well, because he’s the fucking Cat and because Tony Martin fucking rules. This week we’re jamming The Cat’s take on the Ronnie James Dio era classic, “Children of the Sea.”

The Cat is absofuckinglutely killing it on this version of one of my favorite Dio era songs. This clip was taken from a kick ass pro-shot bootleg of a show on the ’89 Headless Cross tour in Russia. I was totally supposed to see this tour with Kingdom Come opening up and the show was canceled. I cried for like two days. I never did get my chance to see The Cat with Black Sabbath but after all these years I’m so fucking stoked that there is such great live footage like this out there for me to see what I missed. Hearing him nail the fuck out of this song is just one more testament to just what a great fucking singer he was and without a doubt one of my all time favorites.


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