Welcome to Tony Martin Tuesday! Did ya miss it? I know you did. Sorry about the slight break but fear not. TONY MARTIN TUESDAY IS BACK! If you’re just visiting for the first time and wondering, “What the fuck is Tony Martin Tuesday?” Well, here’s the 411. In the year 2015, the first and third Tuesday of each month will be known as TONY MARTIN TUESDAY. Why Tony Martin? Well, because he’s the fucking Cat and because Tony Martin fucking rules. For this installment we are once again visiting the epic as fuck 1989 Russia performance to take in the epicness of “When Death Calls.”

This is a great example of just how much better a song can be live than it is on recorded medium. While I dug this song on the Headless Cross album, I fucking LOVE this live version and it actually made me have a whole new appreciation for this song. Once again, we have the Cat showing just why he was a force to be reckoned with. His voice on this performance is over the top. I just never get tired of hearing him tear shit up live. I really would have loved the opportunity to see this lineup live but I have to say that I’m so fucking glad that they had the smarts to capture this stellar line up. The fire baby. So much fire and soul it’s off the fucking charts! HAIL THE CAT!


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