Dead Feathers – EP
Release Date: March 19, 2014
Label: Independent

It never ceases to amaze me just how many bands fly beneath my radar only to casually stumble upon their greatness. It’s staggering the amount of shitty, sub-par bands that seem to flood my inbox while truly great bands out there are just waiting to be found. Somewhere out there are bands that are just out there doing their thing and much like a jewel just waiting to be unearthed, cherished, and loved. Well, call me an archaeologist then because when I unearthed Chicago based psych rockers Dead Feathers I literally felt like I had discovered something truly magical.

I discovered Dead Feathers thanks to the Facebook wormhole. Somehow, they were linked to one of my favorite bands (maybe Scorpion Child) and I clicked on their link and I was intrigued. This took me to their Bandcamp page where I, without any expectations, gave their self-titled EP a listen. The opening track “With Me” immediately sent a chill up my spine and as lead vocalist Marissa Allen’s warm, ambient vocals filled the air I felt myself literally moved from the inside. It is a very subtle power that moved me through the song and it’s not a power that just any band can possess. There is a very mystical vibe coming from this band and the 2nd song, “Night Child” just confirmed that for me.


In a time where I feel like the hard rock/metal genre is being flooded by bands who are boasting to be bringing back this classic, psychedelic, mystical vibe, it’s becoming easier and easier to separate the fakes from the truly sincere. It’s doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out this separation but any true connoisseur of this fine genre of music will tell you that Dead Feathers is the real deal without any hesitation. Dead Feathers are a band that is a fine mix of so many classic, psychedelic occult rock bands of the past yet instead of cloning any one of them they have managed to combine them all into one cohesive and distinct sound.

With a true “less is more” mentality, Dead Feathers have done with four songs what many bands can’t do with 12. The songs on this EP move me, intrigue me, and have me wanting more. For a mere 20 minutes or so I found myself embarking on a sonic journey that at times seemed to take me to even meditative states as I found it very easy to become one with the songs. This is not something that just any band can pull off but Dead Feathers did so with their subtle, haunting beauty. Dead Feathers’ debut EP has me very excited to see what other ethereal greatness this band will be bringing us in the future.

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