October 6, 2015
Atlanta, GA
The Masquerade (Hell)

Back in 2014, Crobot released their stellar album Something Supernatural and since then the boys hit the ground running and have toured consistently with the likes of Truckfighters, Motorhead, Scorpion Child, Kyng, and Anthrax and let me just say that the road has been very good to these guys. I was so bummed that tour after tour just missed Atlanta left and right making me wonder if I would even get to see my dirty faced brethren again before year’s end. I said my prayers to La Mano de Lucifer and suddenly I got word that my boys would be returning to Atlanta to headline.

After what I can only describe as three of the worst bands Atlanta has to offer, Crobot took the stage and kicked things off with what has now become their signature show opener, “The Legend of the Spaceborn Killer” and right out the gates the band was firing on all cylinders. Lead vocalist Brandon Yeagley worked the stage with a dynamic presence that can only be described as the bastard son of James Brown and Ozzy Osbourne. As for the rest of the band, no room of any size can contain the electrifying and magnetic energy and chemistry of these guys. Watching Crobot in action just makes you smile and move as the band plays like they’re playing to thousands no matter how many are in attendance. There’s nothing better than feeling like a band totally made it worth your while to be in attendance by showing their appreciation with a top notch, high energy performance.


Crobot stormed through a setlist made up of just about every song from Something Supernatural and then treated the small but very responsive and vocal audience to a slew of new songs.   The new material such as “Welcome to Fat City”, “Not For Sale”, and “Serpent Shepherd” meshed extremely well with the older material but definitely showed signs of growth. This new material really reflects the fact that Crobot is a band that has seen the world a couple of times over since the first album was released yet it still maintains that style and vibe that is definitely Crobot. The band brought their marathon set to a close with a ripping “Fly on the Wall” which brought the house down.  Just when I thought they had burned it all out, Crobot returned to the stage for a two song encore and tapped into the awesomesauce reserves for a one two punch of “Nowhere to Hide” and a killer rendition of the Mountain classic, ‘Never In My Life.”

A Crobot show is like going to church if that church was in Hell and packed full of beer guzzling, cussing sinners that dance like Satan himself is possessing them all. There should be a bumper sticker that reads, “There’s Nothing Like a Crobot Concert.” For such a young band, Crobot embodies the heart, the passion, and the spirit of a band 3x their age. Crobot pulls from a generation of bands that knew the importance of putting on a powerful, memorable live performance and “leaving it all on the stage” so to speak. If you leave a Crobot show and you don’t feel sore from the groove than you’re doing it all wrong.


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