Horisont – Odyssey
Release Date: September 18, 2015
Label: Rise Above Records

Swedish face rockers Horisont have returned and they have brought along with them the year of 1977. Well, not literally but with their latest album Odyssey, Horisont has dipped even further back in time to create sonic space rock masterpiece. While I really enjoyed their last album Time Warriors, Odyssey hit me like a ton of fucking bricks and took me on a journey through the rock n’ roll cosmos. As a matter of fact, the last time I remember feeling this swept away by an album musically it was when I first heard the debut Captain Beyond record and trust me, that’s a compliment of the highest order.


While Odyssey definitely keeps with that kind of space rock concept, the album actually displays a wide range of diverse influences. The opening title track came flying out of the speakers sounding like a lost Rush 2112 out take while “Break the Limit” very well could have been the best Blue Oyster Cult song never recorded. Just when you think you have these cats figured out “Bad News” kicks in sounding like Stained Class era Judas Priest. The closing track, “Timmarna” is an epic 8 minute masterpiece that I feel left the album somewhat unresolved which I absolutely loved. If Time Warriors was “Star Wars”, think of Odyssey as the Empire Strikes Back of space rock. It totally left me wanting more and even sent me back in for a repeat listen.

Horisont really exceeded any and all expectations that I had about making an album. With Time Warriors they were a band that I liked but with Odyssey they are a band that I fucking love. Odyssey is a musical cosmic journey of epic proportions. This is definitely not an album to serve as background music. This is the kind of album that deserves your undivided attention. If you just chill for a moment and let it, Odyssey will take you on a ride and leave you wanting to hop right back on as soon as it’s done. I love it when an album does that and with Odyssey Horrisont did just that. Bravo fellas. Bravo.

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