WELCOME TO TONY MARTIN TUESDAY! FUCK YEAH! If you’re just visiting for the first time and wondering, “What the fuck is Tony Martin Tuesday?” Well, here’s the 411. In the year 2015, I planned to post on the first and third Tuesday of each month but as you can see, I failed at that but never fear. TONY MARTIN TUESDAY IS BACK! Why Tony Martin? Well, because he’s the fucking Cat and because Tony Martin fucking rules. Tony Martin is hands down one of my all time favorite hard rock/metal vocalists and since nobody else is doing so, I took it upon myself to honor The Cat himself! This time around we are digging on yet The Cat’s amazing take on the Dio era classic, “Children of the Sea.”

The more I hear The Cat singing these songs, the more I find myself knowing that he was without a doubt Dio’s most fitting successor. This performance from Moscow, Russia in 1989 has The Cat just killing it on this tune. What I fucking love so much about this guy is that you can tell that he truly loved performing these songs and he put all of his heart and soul into them. I’m still bummed to this day that I never got to see this Sabbath line up. Hell, I’ve never had the chance to see The Cat live at all but I hope that maybe just one day it’ll happen. Until then, we have all of this amazing footage to go back and dig on!

Long Live The Cat!


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