Taylor hanging out with Blake & Tyler of Holy Grail!

Hey Fartheads! Dig this. Every month this year I will randomly choose a Farthead of the Month. I have some truly awesome, dedicated, and awesome readers and I consider you all friends. Anyways, every month I am going to randomly choose a Farthead of the Month and if chosen, you will do a 12 question Q&A that will be featured as a post on the blog! This is your way to get semi-famous or at least give you the ability to brag that you’re on a shitty metal blog!

This month we have Taylor. Taylor has been a reader of the Great Southern Brainfart for quite a while along with her awesome dad, Jim. Taylor and her father go to more shows than anyone I’ve ever known short of Deadheads and they are both amazing people. Taylor, in my opinion, is the future and because of her I actually feel like that there is hope with this younger generation of metal heads! Taylor is also a really smart, sweet, and awesome person to boot so with that being said, let’s give it up for Farthead of the Month Taylor! Enjoy getting to know this awesome cat!


What’s your name and what the hell do you do with your life?

I’m Taylor Wilson and I’m a full time high school student and avid concertgoer.


How did you discover the Great Southern Brainfart?

Holy Grail shared one of the interviews you did with Blake Mount.


What’s your favorite thing about the Great Southern Brainfart?

This site is an awesome place where new bands can get some support and recognition, and I love how passionate you are about music (even if you hate a bunch of bands).


How did you first get into heavy metal?

I saw a Metallica music video on TV, asked my dad about them, and he basically led me into the world of heavy metal from there.


What are your Top 5 metal bands?

I have WAY too many favorite bands and they change a lot, but my top 5 for now:
1. Cauldron
2. Old James
3. Holy Grail
4. Warbringer
5. Black Trip


What is currently your favorite metal album?

Cauldron- In Ruin


What is the least metal thing about you?

I do well in school. I would say being a dedicated straight A student isn’t very metal.


If you could have dinner with any metal musician alive or dead, who would it be, what would you talk about, and what would you have?

Alex Skolnick. In addition to being an amazing musician, he also seems really knowledgeable. It would be cool to listen to him talk about his childhood and the beginning years of Testament-or Legacy I should say. I can imagine us hanging out in a coffee shop, eating a blueberry muffin or something, and discussing his education and experience in jazz music too. He’s just really fascinating.


What is one metal album that everybody should own?

I would say Curse of the Damned by Night Demon. Not because it’s a well-known classic, but because it’s a great example of how classic heavy metal is NOT dead like so many believe. If anything, it’s growing with the NWOTHM movement.


What is your favorite metal t-shirt and why?

My Goat Horn shirt. It’s one of the early designs, and it was shipped to me from Jason Decay (the singer/bassist) with hair from his cats all over it. I recently got to hug Jason while wearing it too, so that was pretty cool.


In your opinion, who is the worst metal band out there?
I’ve had the displeasure of suffering through Butcher Babies 5 times. I’m not sure how that happened.


Finally, what does being selected as Farthead of the Month mean to you?

It’s an honor to be recognized as someone who actually knows stuff about metal, and that I’m not just some dumb teenage girl who wears metal shirts because they look cool. It also means I get to plug a bunch of new bands that few people have ever heard of.


Thanks so much, Taylor!  You are an amazing young woman and your love and passion for real heavy metal music is infectious.  Keep up the great work in spreading the music to everyone you come in contact with!

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