In the midst of this well publicized war of words with Sebastian Bach and myself, leave it to Bach to open a can of worms with a reader that he just may not be able to close.  The reader I’m talking is non other than former Jess and the Ancient Ones (and still Forgotten Horror) guitarist, Tuomas Karhunen.  When Tuomas recently posted in one of the many war or words posts on the Great Southern Brainfart Facebook page, Bach and Karhunen had this exchange:

Shortly after this exchange, Karhunen (who is also a new cannabis/psychedelic advocate in Finland and soon-to-be amateur MMA fighter) posted a challenge to his blog site:

Let’s just put it out there: I hereby invite Mr. Sebastian Bach to a friendly contest.

Dear Mr. Bach. Since you appeared straight outta nowhere on my FB artist page, calling me a pussy for a reason still unclear to me, I’d be glad to let you demonstrate me being a pussy by sparring with me–even for a tiny bit–in the cage or in the ring.

Although I get it that your beef is with my friend Don from The Great Southern Brainfart, and not with me, here’s a good chance for you to redeem yourself in front of the music world and put your money where your mouth is. We could just spar with boxing rules, instead of MMA (my preferred weapon of choice) to make it more approachable if you’re not comfortable with mixed martial arts.

We can arrange a time and place that’s suitable for you, so that you’ll have time to prepare should you want to. But even with my humble novice skill set, I bet I’d drop you like a bad habit. Unless I am indeed a ’pussy boy’, like you claim. ????

This would be an absolute honor and a pleasure for me; to stick up for my friend, and to underline the fact that although I’m not that (read: at all) familiar with your releases, mr. Bach – I’m actually a huge fan of Beethoven.

Yours sincerely,

PS. I’m a bit short from 5?11 and from what I quickly googled, you’re about 6?3. So you’d have height (and most likely also a notable reach) advantage… and I’m far from athletic, muscular, or even being in shape at the moment. All this is completely fine by me, and we wouldn’t count these as any kind of ”unfair advantages” or excuses, in case I’d get exposed as a pussy. I’m just merely trying to persuade you to actually consider; this might not be such a bad idea. Perhaps exactly because the idea is completely crazy and unheard of.


Let’s hope that if this actually does happen, it’ll be somewhere I can drive/fly to to cover it.  Hell, I’ll even referee the damn thing.  More to come folks.  This shit ain’t over yet!

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