Hey Fartheads! Dig this. Every month this year I will randomly choose a Farthead of the Month. I have some truly awesome, dedicated, and awesome readers and I consider you all friends. Anyways, every month I am going to randomly choose a Farthead of the Month and if chosen, you will do a 12 question Q&A that will be featured as a post on the blog! This is your way to get semi-famous or at least give you the ability to brag that you’re on a shitty metal blog!

Making the honor roll this month is Sabra.  Sabra is pretty much me only with boobs, great hair, and she’s not butt ass ugly like yours truly.  Anyways, Sabra is a very loyal and dedicated Farthead and I have had the pleasure of sitting through and making fun of a good number of bands with her.  So without any further adieu, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeres Sabra!


What’s your name and what the hell do you do with your life?

I’m Sabra Hiner, and I apparently spend my life trying to finalize a divorce from my ex-husband.  It has taken over a year and a half, so this is apparently what I do with my time.  All of my time.  Oh, and I go to shows.

How did you discover the Great Southern Brainfart?

I met Don through a friend and discovered the blog.  We have a mutual distaste of many things, so I obviously started following it.

What’s your favorite thing about the Great Southern Brainfart?

I like that it is a place to learn about new music (or new music from older bands).  I LOVE that the articles are honest opinions (even if they will not be well received).  No ass kissing here.

How did you first get into heavy metal?

My best friend’s brothers were into Def Leppard (this was during the High & Dry days) and some other “hard rock”.  I dug it, but wanted to try something a little harder.  It was at this time I discovered Mercyful Fate’s “Don’t Break the Oath”.  My life was changed forever.

What are your Top 5 metal bands?

  • Type O Negative
  • Mercyful Fate
  • King Diamond (no, it’s not the same…lol)
  • Suicidal Tendencies
  • Queensryche

What is currently your favorite metal album?

Well, it changes quite frequently.  I will play the shit out of something until I can no longer stand to hear it…then it goes back into rotation.  Right now I am back on “Into the Mirror Black” by Sanctuary.  That will probably change in about 4 hours….

What is the least metal thing about you?

I went to Culture Club at Chastain Tuesday night.

If you could have dinner with any metal musician alive or dead, who would it be, what would you talk about, and what would you have?

It would definitely be Peter Steele.  I would love to talk to him about writing the song “I Like Goils”.  I know the story behind it, but I would LOVE to hear Peter tell the story in his own words.  I also want to hear him say, “Hello, this is Peter” (October Rust intro).  I would have alcohol.  Lots of alcohol.  And tater tots.

What is one metal album that everybody should own?

Probably “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath, since it’s pretty much a staple of the metal world.  Also because #blacksabbathmatters

What is your favorite metal t-shirt and why?

My 30th Anniversary Mercyful Fate “Don’t Break the Oath” shirt.  It reminds me of better days gone by.  But…how the HELL has it been 30 years!?!?

In your opinion, who is the worst metal band out there?

I hate Volbeat.  Like, seriously can’t stand them.  The music is amazing…but then Michael Poulsen opens his mouth and ruins it for me.  His voice sounds EXACTLY THE SAME on EVERY SONG (to me, anyway).  I know….boo, hiss.  I’m an asshole.

Finally, what does being selected as Farthead of the Month mean to you?

It means that I can voice my humble opinions and not be worried about offending anyone…which is awesome.  It’s nice to have a place to discuss the metal community and learn about bands that I had somehow missed over the years.  Plus, I hope to one day fulfill my dreams of ALSO getting into an internet war with @sebastianbach.  This might be my big chance!!


The Brainfart and Farthead of the Month, Sabra!

The Brainfart and Farthead of the Month, Sabra!


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