It was sometime in 2010 and I had only been doing this blog for about a year or so.  Facebook was  booming with all kinds of new and interesting people to connect with and one day I stumbled upon a guy who called himself The Metal Motivator.  At first, I was ready to write this guy off as just another one of those “self help” gurus who was using the “metal dude” facade to try and rope in sheep.  I clicked on one of his “Daily Screams” and I immediately realized I couldn’t have been further from the truth.  I began to follow The Metal Motivator and through his “Daily Screams” podcasts, I found myself moved, inspired, and, well, motivated to say the least.

C.J. Ortiz launched Metal Motivation on Halloween of 2009 to spread his own philosophy which he referred to as “Metalosophy.”  What exactly is Metalosophy?  According to Ortiz, Metalosophy, ” …grows from the music itself.  Metal was never a negative force in my life.  If it was, I would’ve cut it off a long time ago.  People are metal heads because metal is a reinforcing, supportive strength in a form of music.  That’s why they listened to it so it seemed the logical next step to not just focus on the music but to focus on that philosophy of life.”

To those that don’t know or that don’t listen to metal music, heavy metal music may be the furthest thing from a positive, empowering, and influential force.  For those of us that love, live, and breathe for heavy metal music, we know what a positive force metal can be.  C.J. Ortiz saw this as a long time fan of metal music and tapped into this energy.  ” Metal is infused with larger meanings.  Whether it’s a thrash metal band or a power metal band, they all have a narrative or a symbol or a myth that is greater than they are.  When you hear Iron Maiden, suddenly you become that valiant thing.  You become that Viking, that warrior.  Metal is a way that we dress up life.  It can make your Mondays like your Fridays.”

Since the launch of Metal Motivation, C.J. Ortiz has touched, inspired, and influenced countless people of all walks of life.  While he truly loves what he does with a limitless amount of passion, he admits that there is only so much that a Facebook post and a podcast can do for one’s well being and growth.  “People talk about me helping them through a difficult season.  “You’ve helped me through some bad days” or “You’ve helped me through some dark times.”  I’m glad for that, very glad but there’s a problem.  What I find is that people will come to the page to find just enough inspiration to get through another bad day.  They’re looking for just enough inspiration to keep tolerating a life they don’t like.”

In order to truly reach out to his ever growing following who need that motivation, empowerment, and nurturing for positive growth, Ortiz has started doing online coaching.  He says, “The larger point of what this is all about is personal development.  It’s about getting beyond just living off of a daily quote because that’s going to take you very far.  You have to change yourself completely so you’re not having so many bad seasons, so many bad days.  I set up the online coaching program as a way for people to get beyond motivational quotes and really start to change their lives.  That’s really important to me.”

C.J. Ortiz, The Metal Motivator, has answered a calling and is someone who not only makes the world a better place; he makes the metal world a better place.  Ortiz is also the kind of person that I love knowing is out there not only representing metal music but humanity in general.  Motivation through metal.  How is that not something we could all get behind.  To wrap it all up, C.J. offers it all up with one brief saying: “In whatever you do, don’t suck.  Metal up.”  Metal up indeed folks.

If you’d like to learn more about C.J. Ortiz, The Metal Motivator, and his personal coaching, please head on over to  You can also find him on Facebook at


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