Shadow Witch – Sun Killer
Release Date: August 15, 2016
Record Label: Snake Charmer Coalition

These days, anytime I hear the term “doom metal” I immediately want to nod off and fall asleep.  I just know that when I open an email promoting a doom band that it’s going to be the same, played out Sleep sounding kind of bullshit.  It’s a good thing I was feeling adventurous on this day because I decided to give the band Shadow Witch an earnest listen.  The moment the opening track from their latest album Sun Killer came on (DOA – Anticipation), a shit eating grin took over my face as I realized that I had chosen wisely.

Sun Killer is easily one of the most exciting, dynamic, and melodic doom album I have heard in ages.  Instead of taking the lazy, overplayed doom road, Shadow Witch very proudly wears their influences on their sleeves and created an album that is every bit as diverse as the bands that inspire them.  Elements of Captain Beyond, Deep Purple, early Danzig, Led Zeppelin, and The Cult can be heard in songs such as “Sun Killer”, “Blood on the Vine”, and “Snout.”  “Headless Army” pretty much sounds like Ian Gillan era Black Sabbath only instead of sucking, this song kicks fucking ass.  “Occupy” is not only an awesome album closer but it is without a doubt the showstopper of this already awesome album.  Yeah, it sounds like “Children of the Grave” but it’s got so much of its own character and its infectious vocals had me going back for seconds of this amazing song.

Lead vocalist Earl Walker Lundy is without a doubt the secret weapon of this band but that’s not to take away from the rest of this stellar band.  What good is a great sounding band without great quality songwriting?  Well, not only does Shadow Witch have the performance aspect down, the songs are very well constructed and captivating.  Shadow Witch is a band that I will be keeping a very close eye on because I truly believe that it’s bands like Shadow Witch that can totally change the face and rekindle the fire in a genre that is starting to get tired and faded.

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