Black Road Review

It’s no mystery that the stoner/psych/occult rock scene is definitely on the rise. Like any growing trend in music, that means that we are going to be seeing a huge influx of bands coming out playing the kind of music that seems to be making waves at that moment. Even though it’s a growing and somewhat trendy scene, this doesn’t rule out the fact that there are some truly great bands emerging. I’m always on the lookout for new bands of this genre and that’s how I came across the band Black Road.


I really had high hopes for Chicago’s Black Road and their uber cool singer Suzy Uzi after hearing some folks talking about them. I eagerly headed over to their Bandcamp page to give them a listen and I was totally disappointed. Unfortunately, Black Road gets swallowed by the pack and left behind to fend for themselves. The song “Red” started off promising but there was just nothing there. The band sounds amateur at best and not even really all that together. At this point, Black Road was so forgettable that after a minute of the 2:36 long “Ruthless”, I had nearly forgotten who I was listening to.

In a genre where we have such stellar bands as Electric Citizen, Dead Feathers, and Blood Ceremony just to name a few, if you’re not going to be as good if not better than those bands, you need to do something to stick out from the pack. Black Road may have their hearts in the right place but sonically they just sound like some kids who hopped on the stoner/psych/doom bandwagon with nothing unique or remotely interesting to bring on the ride. Black Road is just drab and forgettable.  In a genre where there are so many great bands to listen to, why settle for less?


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