Hey Fartheads! Dig this. Every month this year I will randomly choose a Farthead of the Month. I have some truly awesome, dedicated, and awesome readers and I consider you all friends. Anyways, every month I am going to randomly choose a Farthead of the Month and if chosen, you will do a 12 question Q&A that will be featured as a post on the blog! This is your way to get semi-famous or at least give you the ability to brag that you’re on a shitty metal blog!

Making the honor roll this last month of 2016 is a long time dedicated reader named, Tommy!  Tommy is a headbanger extraordinaire, scumbag couture, and aficionado of all things heavy.  Even though I find his love for some bands questionable, he’s a truly awesome guy and easily one of the sweetest people I know.  Congrats to you Tommy!


What’s your name and what the hell do you do with your life?

I’m creative director for a sales and marketing company. I’m also a die hard metalhead!


How did you discover the Great Southern Brainfart?

I was searching for articles about the New Wave of Traditional Metal and found you. No one else was writing about bands like White Wizzard, Widow, Holy Grail, etc.


What’s your favorite thing about the Great Southern Brainfart?

Ha. I like that it has a different point of view than most metal sites. Trends don’t exist here. I maybe agree with maybe half the opinions of this site, and I don’t revel in how much a band might suck.   However, I do like that you champion bands like Holy Grail, 3 Inches of Blood, and even Watain.


How did you first get into heavy metal?

I discovered AC/DC’s Back in Black when I was 13. From there, it was WASP, to Metallica, to Slayer, to Skeletal Earth, to Morbid Angel and so on…


What are your Top 5 metal bands?

AC/DC, Immortal/Abbath, Carcass, 3 Inches of Blood, and Megadeth.


What is currently your favorite metal album?

The past few months, it’s been Satanic Corpse by the band Brutally Deceased. If the best of Carcass and Dismember had a baby, it would sound like this!


What is the least metal thing about you?

Either my unabashed love for Def Leppard, or the fact that I have watched every single episode of the show Survivor.


If you could have dinner with any metal musician alive or dead, who would it be, what would you talk about, and what would you have?

Steak with Abbath. We’d talk about current and classic metal and what makes him tick. I’m not sure how deep the conversations would be, but I’m certain it would be one hell of a good time. He’s the successor to Lemmy as THE metal icon.


What is one metal album that everybody should own?

Metallica’s Ride the Lighting. I think it has it all, from arguably one of the first death metal songs (Fight Fire with Fire), to epic anthems, an instrumental, and even a suicide ballad! (yes, I know it’s supposed to be about Hetfield’s father leaving, but come on)


What is your favorite metal t-shirt and why?

I have a 1986 WASP Last Command white t-shirt. A friend of mine’s sister had an ex-boyfriend who left garbage bags of old metal tees in her attic. That one was in there, and he gave it to me as a birthday present! I love that album, and it’s just one of those things that would be almost impossible to find. As a bonus, the sleeves were already cut off!


In your opinion, who is the worst metal band out there? 

Steel Panther is just not my thing. I’m not laughing at the joke.


Finally, what does being selected as Farthead of the Month mean to you?

…I can’t find the words.




About Don de Leaumont

Don (aka. The Brainfart) has been a heavy metal fan since hearing it for the first time in 1983. Don is also repsonsible for all of the typos, shitty grammar, and kick ass content on this site. Don likes cheap beer, whiskey, Coca Cola Icees, going to shows, and hanging with his kick ass wife, two cats and dog. He originally wanted to name his dog Shandi but his wife said, "No fucking way."

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