Yes.  You read that right.  Meathead All That Remains vocalist and Five Finger Death Punch nutswinger Phil Labonte apparently loves gay people but hates faggots.  If you’re scratching your head over this one, trust me you’re not alone.  If it make sense to you and you apparently find nothing wrong with this, than you’re just a hateful meathead that probably has baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and a white hood in your closet.  Seriously.  I don’t even know where to begin with this whole thing but I guess I gotta start somewhere.

For starters, if you’re asking who the fuck is All That Remains, well, just think of them as the store brand diet cola version of Five Finger Death Punch.  That should keep you far away yelling “Kill it with fire.”  With that being said, this guy is a fucking meathead, racist, sexist, homophobe of the highest degree. So before we address the current issue at hand, let’s go back a little it. In a 2011 tweet, Labonte posted this regarding a radio station voting battle between his shitty band and another shitty band, Black Veil Brides:

Ok, so I’m not going to defend the music of Black Veil Brides because I fucking hate that band.  That aside, you know what don’t think about this band?  That any member of this band deserves to be called “faggot” whether gay or not.  Look at this dude.  Doesn’t he just look like the guy that actually made fun of you for liking heavy metal and bullied you to the point of near suicide?  Labonte seems to not even acknowledge or realize what weight words carry.  Labonte once again let his true inner self show in regards to the Women’s March protests by Tweeting things like this:

Here we have exhibit b, sexist metahead singer dude apparently doesn’t understand what rights women have in America?  Well, Mr. Meathead, did you fail to acknowledge the fact that overnight a bill was signed that basically stripped women of the right to choose that they can and can’t do do their own bodies?  Did you even realize that?  Of course you didn’t because you’re too busy with your lips planted upon the ass of Five Finger Death Punch and practicing your Rambo/WWE moves in front of a mirror and addressing people as, “Son.”

So the other day, this whole diarrhea of the fingers led to The Toilet Ov Hell editor Joe Thrashnkill to call out Labonte, and this is what he had to say:

This is where it gets great.  This use of words from Mr. Metahead sparked a little back and forth with metal vocalist OTEP on Twitter:

LGBT ppl do not = faggots?  Gay ppl are not faggots?  I’m pro gay/anti faggot?  I decided to take this over to Webster’s Dictionary.  I looked up the word “faggot” and this is how Webster’s Dictionary defined faggot:

Well, there it is in black and white folks.  It doesn’t take a brainiac to know that the word faggot is a highly offensive word.  I’m also guessing that Mr. Meathead believes that “nigger” isn’t an offensive, derogatory that = black people.  The level of absolute absurdity and lack of compassion from a Mr. Meathead here makes me, as a metalhead, absolutely furious.  This guy, along with all of his dedicated followers who back up his very word, tweet, and post, are everything that is wrong with not just metal fans but humanity in general.  It’s because of assholes like this guy that make true metal fans look so bad in the public eye.  It’s bad enough that this guy’s shitty fucking music gets categorized as metal music along with some of my favorite bands but to tarnish the image of metal fans.

When I was thinking about writing this, a friend of mine asked me, “Man, why don’t you just let this go.  Don’t give this guy any more press.”  I thought about this but then I realized something.  If I didn’t write this piece, it would just be me turning my head and pretending that I didn’t see this; pretending that it didn’t happen.  Well, it fucking happened and guess what?  It pissed me off so yes, I’m going to talk about it.  Phil Labonte is a hateful, homophobic, racist, sexist bully and I hope he knows just how many people think so.  Will he care?  Probably not.  He’ll probably call me a faggot while his shitty fans say shit like, “Go listen to Cher, faggot” or “Fuck you, dick sucker.”  Just the fact that he sides with fans that say this kind of shit just speaks volumes.

Spread this word and voice your anger about this by contacting the band’s PR person, Kerri Brusca –



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