Yesterday was a day like any other.  I woke up, had my coffee, did some shit around the house, jammed some tunes but then all of the sudden, everything changed around 12 noon today!   Actually, let’s backtrack just a little bit.  First off, it started with a cryptic post on Graveyard’s official Facebook page.  It was a photo of the Graveyard logo in a haze of smoke.  This got people riled up and talking but today, the world proved to be a better place once again.

On Graveyard’s official Facebook page, a video was posted of a typed letter as the song “Longing” from Hisingen Blues played.  This is what the letter said:

A new day rising.

Living isn’t always easy and playing in a band doesn’t tend to make the noble art of living well any easier.  Things weren’t working and in the end a change in the line-up was the only option for our return.  Graveyard’s journey will continue with a yet to named new future drummer and the reason behinds this change of scenery is something that we don’t want, wish or will comment.  We’re gonna leave it be with Axel’s own words: “Word on the street is that there is a job opening in the drummers section.”  We wish Axel all the best and you can follow his next move with is already set to fly new outfit BIG KITZ.

We’d also like to apologize to each and every one of you out there for putting you through these uncertain Graveyard times.  With that said we’re beyond glad to announce that as of today the Graveyard is officially re-opened for business.  Albums will be recorded, shows will be played and all of this hopefully for a long, long time to come.

Let’s shine on!


In a time where news just seems to get worse day after day as we suffer under the rule of an orange faced clown, THIS is the kind of news we need!  First off, I would like to wish Axel the best of luck with his new band.  Second, I would love to commend Graveyard as a band for not being the kind of people to air dirty laundry.  They clearly are a stand up group of guys and it’s things like this that make me love them more.  I am so excited to see what the future holds for Graveyard and trust me, if I played drums, I’d be pursing this in a heartbeat.

Graveyard, welcome back and thank you.  I’m just not ready to let you go… ever.


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