Striker – Striker
Release Date: February 24, 2017
Label: Record Breaking Records

2017 is shaping to be a fucking massive year for metal releases and riding ahead of the pack is the latest release from Striker. The NWOTHM masters have returned with a self-titled album. I’m guessing it’s self-titled because they couldn’t fit, “Holy fuck this album will melt your lame ass face off” on the spine. Either way, they should’ve named it that because that’s exactly what it does. From the opening track “Former Glory” to the shredtastic thrashadellic sweetness of “Curse of the Dead”, Striker is nine songs of epic classic metal that is well produced and expertly executed.

Listening to this album in a lot of ways pissed me off. Why? Because it just fucking kills me that this band isn’t fucking huge. “Born to Lose” could have easily been a hit had it been released back in 1990 and that’s no lie. “Shadows in the Light” is the showstopper here as Striker showcases their ability to exercise quite a few of their influences all in one song. Dan Cleary is hands down one of my current favorite vocalists and why this guy isn’t raved about more is beyond me.

Why are shitty bands like Steel Panther out there playing their shitty comedy metal to thousands while Striker is melting faces in front of 40 people? It never ceases to amaze and piss me off that a band like Striker gets so sadly overlooked but I love that it doesn’t seem to faze them. If anything it seems to make the play harder, write stronger material, and put on live shows that leave a lasting impact on each and every person who sees them. Striker without a doubt captures the band’s live energy with easy which is something that many bands struggle to get. It’s albums like this that remind me why I love heavy metal so fucking much. I mean, how can you not when you hear shit this fucking good?


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