Spacetrucker – Launch Sequence
Release Date: March 31, 2017
Label: Self-Released

Have you heard of a band called Spacetrucker? No? Well, consider yourself the lucky one. I mean what the fuck was I expecting when I decided to give this band a listen? Yeah, I know, never judge a book by its cover but when a band names them something as unimaginative as that, you can only begin to imagine how unimaginative the music is. Not only is it unimaginative but it’s downright annoying.  Amidst the horrible Jason Newstead bass tones and the rehashed, dated, and overly used guitar fuzz tones lies an array of poorly written, poorly executed, and just flat out basic music. This is the prime example of a band that seems to completely hopping on the bandwagon, gear in tow, robbing every groove and riff that they can. There is nothing memorable, nothing original, and nothing remotely good about this band as every aspect of it is completely un-listenable.

The songs on Launch Sequence are just no good.  The opening song “New Pubes” right off the bat had me making the stink face and things just got worse as this coaster of music plodded on.  There were a few moments of promise in songs like “Old Flower” and “The Science of Us” but those moments dissipated quickly as the songs carried on.  For the most part, the songs on Launch Sequence are just drab examples of why it can be a bad thing that anyone can make an album these days.  Bands like Spacetrucker over-saturate the underground which leads to some truly great bands getting buried in the muck of it all.   This whole stoner/sludge movement has become so predictable and so corny that it seems like everybody and their brother are trading in their Maiden shirts and donning denim jackets with Sleep patches all over them. Thanks but no thanks.

In a nutshell, Spacetrucker is a bad band playing an already tired, haggard, and stretched out thin genre of music. If the internet had a cutout bin you can bet your ass that that bin would be half full of Witch Mountain albums and the rest filled with this virtual coaster of an album. Spacetrucker sonically and artistically have nothing new to bring to this game and it makes me even wonder why people want to be a band when they are going to be as forgettable as the others that they are running with.  This band may be your game for all I know but for me, Spacetrucker is just nothing more than the sonic equivalent to store brand diet cola. I’ve already forgotten what they sound like at this point. See? They’re that forgettable.


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