What do you get when you cross epic power metal and dinosaurs?  Easy.  You get HEVISAURUS.  I wrote about Hevisaurus late last year as they were a band that really captured me.  My good friend in Finland, Maria, has been taking her grandkids to see Hevisaurus and she told me all about them and since then I haven’t been able to put them down.  Since their inception in 2008, Hevisaurus started to become somewhat of a global phenomenon.  The band already has a spinoff in Argentina, a hotbed of metal fans. That band is called “Heavysaurios” and sings versions of the Finnish songs in Spanish. According to the Wall Street Journal, this year Sony Music Finland, the band’s label, will launch both an English-language Hevisaurus in the U.S. and a German version, with local performers singing translated versions of the songs. The original band plans to tour China this spring.

Hevisaurus was formed in 2008 by a group of friends in Finland’s heavy metal scene, including producers Nino Laurenne and Pasi Heikkilä and their songs address such critical issues as food, drinking milk, and taking a bath.  Over the course of seven albums, musicians from many of Finland’s best-known metal groups, including HIM and Nightwish, have played with Hevisaurus. Their top hit features a riff from Gus G., the Greek guitarist who plays with Ozzy Osbourne. Speaking of Ozzy Osbourne, Hevisaurus lead singer (who does his interviews in character as Mr. Hevisaurus) had this to say in a recent NME interview:

“Heavy metal is simply the best music on the planet! I think Ozzy Osbourne is great. He looks like us!”

I can only say that you can bet your ass that I will be up front jamming out at the first Hevisaurus show that I can.  According to my wife, at least I will be among a room full of kids with the same mentality as mine!  Let’s get Hevi!!!!






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