Coming off of a successful tour and then losing long time guitarist, Chris Marchiel, things got eerily quiet in the Powerglove camp.  There was never any word that they were calling it a day but the band just seemed to go underground for a while.  2017 all of the sudden started to look up as Powerglove announced that they would be returning with a new album called Continue Bassist Nick Avila had this to say via his Facebook page:

“While working on this album, I went through some of the most trying periods of my life. There were several moments over the past 4 years where each of us questioned continuing on with the band, or a career in music at all, and we even lost one member along the way. However, our passion for music and long standing friendship kept this project going, we battled on, and finished this monster of a cd that I am truly proud of. This is why I feel the title “Continue?” is the perfect title for this album.

Here’s the first track off our first new album since 2010. “Kirby” with a special guest accordion section by Reece Miller

If you love this, show your friends, the 4 of us are the only ones to have listened to this song in the past 5 years.


All I can say is welcome back, Powerglove.  We’ve missed you!  Now get your asses on the road back to Atlanta so that we may rage once again!

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Long Live VG Metal!


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