Sadly underrated and many times overlooked, legendary 70’s psych rock super group Captain Beyond is a band that will forever be shrouded in mystique and immortalized by two of the single greatest albums ever made: their eponymous debut album and the stellar follow up album, Sufficiently Breathless.  Featuring former Deep Purple vocalist Rod Evans, Captain Beyond’s short but very impacting and inspiring tenure spawned a whole new generation of bands such as Clutch, Scorpion Child, and Crobot just to name a few.  Their influence runs deep and fans of Captain Beyond are always seeking out other recordings.

With only two albums under their belt (no, I don’t count Dawn Patrol because that shit sucks), Captain Beyond didn’t have much in the way of extra songs so fans were left with obtaining bootlegs of varying degrees of quality.  This year, completely under the radar, Captain Beyond released Lost & Found: 1972-1973.  The collection includes demo tracks from the band’s legendary debut album along with an unreleased song called, “Uranus Highway” (yes, I laugh whenever I say that title).  That aside, the track is fucking brilliant and it really makes me wonder if Bobby Caldwell (Captain Beyond drummer/co-founder) is sitting on a treasure trove of unreleased songs.  Only time will tell but for now, trust me, you need this in your life!

Lost & Found: 1972-1973 is available for download or for physical purchase at:


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