Troubled Horse – Revolution on Repeat
Release Date: March 31, 2017
Label: Rise Above Records

From the first sounds of the band Troubled Horse, it should be no surprise that these guys are Swedish.  If I had to describe Troubled Horse to someone, I’d have to say that it’s Swedish psych rock with a touch of NWOBHM with a dude who sounds like Jim Morrison’s bastard child on vocals. To be blunt, this is some great shit, y’all.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  There must be something in the fucking water there that just infects all of the musicians to create absolutely amazing music.  The last time I heard Troubled Horse was with 2012’s Step Inside and that album (especially the song “Bring My Horses Home”) totally made me a fan.  Over the years honestly I would kind of forget about them as they got buried by other bands coming out with new music but this year, I was reminded just what a great fucking band Troubled Horse is with their new album, Revolution on Repeat.

The kick off track, “Hurricane” and then right into follow up track, “The Filthy Ones” completely set the tone for what I knew was going to be an absolutely fantastic album.  This time around, Troubled Horse seems to possess a bit more grit and a “fuck it all” attitude.  I also love the fact that Troubled Horse marries some of the best bands out there such as Graveyard, Horisont, and Witchcraft.  With this being said, I never knew the band’s musically incestuous history as ¾ of the band are former/current members of Witchcraft and Spiders, two of Sweden’s finest.

This suddenly made so much sense as to how these guys could pull off this sound without sounding like direct rip-offs of these great bands.  They were these members of great bands who have now joined forces to combine of all these band’s best qualities into one amazing outfit.  On Revolution on Repeat, Troubled Horse manages to truly forge their own sound while staying true to the genre and proving that you can truly tell when a band is sincere in their delivery and when they are merely hopping upon the bandwagon.  These guys are the real fucking deal and with the show stopping opus, “Bleeding”, Troubled Horse delivers one of my new favorite album closers ever.

Revolution on Repeat is a really fun, exciting album to listen to and in my opinion has placed Troubled Horse in the frontlines as one of the leaders of this genre.  They sound absolutely inspired, relentless, and full of fire and passion.  Just listen to songs such as “The Haunted” and the NWOBHM inspired “Let the Bastards Know” and you will see exactly what I mean.  Troubled Horse may have made a mark with their debut album but with Revolution on Repeat, Troubled Horse has left a giant fucking scar on the face of hard rock music.

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