Powerglove has done it again and the tease machine is officially rolling.  Powerglove has released yet another song from the forthcoming album, Continue?  This time the band has released the song “Kraid’s Lair.”  This is a great fucking song and I can barely put into words just how fucking psyched I am that the mighty Powerglove has returned!  This is from Powerglove’s official Facebook page:

Lads and ladresses, I, Zebediah, have returned as promised, to take you to the planet Zebes, to fuck up some space pirates and deliver a bounty of fresh pepperberries, as well as the next installment of PowerGlove‘s masterpiece “Continue?”. Listen with a keen ear and be fearful of what’s to come, more specifically, a corpulent, three-eyed green reptilian, for I present to you Kraid’s Lair!

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Long Live VG Metal!

Art by Ryan Christensen
Graphics and Animation by – Avi Jacob
Music- Bassil Silver Nick Avila Alex Berkson


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