One of the things I love about the overall metal community is that us metal writers, for the most part, have this very behind the scenes kind of friendship and even kind of brotherly bond.  As a writer, I have been very lucky to have great relationships with writers from such awesome sites as Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, Blabbermouth, Sleaze Roxx, Metal Titans, and Metal Sucks just to name a few.  While I am a writer, I am also a fan of these sites and I find myself reading them on a regular basis and sometimes one of these sites will even have a story that just seems too important to not share.

Metal Sucks recently ran a story about Stuck Mojo singer boy Robby J. Fonts and some really stupid, hateful, and even uneducated ranting on his blog The Rantidote.  Stuck Mojo’s lead and only standing original member Rich Ward has always been one to wear his conservative politics on this sleeve but I never found anything he had to say remotely insulting or hateful.  Leave it to this punk ass privileged white boy “rapper” from Canada to spew his biotry and hatred to his “fans.”

Metal Sucks had this to say in their article (Full Story Here):

In Fonts’ most recent article, “Transgenderism: A Disturbing Social Experiment,” the singer claims that all transgendered people are suffering from mental illness and should be treated as such, instead of being indulged with federal laws that protect them. Because we all know how well gay conversion therapy works, why wouldn’t transgender reversion therapy work too?

An anti-abortion article entitled “Pro-Choice Means No Choice At All” starts with the following line: “Feminist women parade the streets championing their abortions and the right to have one.” Fonts then proceeds to trot out the old “Planned Parenthood sells dead baby parts for profit” line (complete with a well-sourced Fox News link!), and demonstrates his extremely repressed sexuality thusly:

“Having sex is not a human right, it’s a human function. Sex is supposed to be a meaningful act. Popular culture has turned it into a commodity of shallow pleasure and degeneracy. If you didn’t want to have a future and a child with someone, why are you sleeping around with them to begin with?

“Am I saying that people shouldn’t enjoy having sex? Of course not. I’m saying that sex has a biological purpose, and if you are unwilling to deal with the consequences of that purpose, then that’s on you. An unborn child shouldn’t have to pay for the consequences of your mistakes, no matter how those mistakes occurred.”

If this political climate has had any bright side to it, it’s that it has brought assholes like this out of the shadows and showed me just who all I need to write the fuck out of my life.  The metal community, as with many others, has found themselves as a community divided but like I have all my life, I will side with those that respect and love humanity for what it is.  What ill harm is it doing to you to let a person be whatever gender, whatever sexual orientation, and whatever human they want to be?  This is something I will never understand but as we see, this Stuck Mojo boy seems to have all the prophetic answers.

Fuck you Stuck Mojo and fuck you Robbie J. Fonts.  May you continue to spread your braindead, hateful message along with your shitty fucking music.  Good riddance to y’all.





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