Image result for great white full circleGreat White – Full Circle
Release Date: June 2, 2017
Label: Bluez Tone Records

Whenever a band from my youth attempts to make new music, it isn’t always met with such a great result. After parting ways with long time singer Jack Russell, Great White returned in 2012 with a new album called Elation which I felt was a really good album. While I really dug it, something just seemed to be amiss. Maybe they were still just getting their footing with new singer Terry Ilous? Who knows but whatever it was, they totally ironed it out and returned with a bang with Full Circle.

“I’m Alright” kicks things off and right off the bat this was Great White. It had such great energy to it and it’s the perfect album opener. “Movin’ On” continued the ride and while it totally sounded like classic Great White, it still sounded new, fun, and catchy as fuck. The real showstopper on this album is “Cry of a Nation.” It’s a dark, melodic, haunting song that is singer Terry Ilous’ shining moment. I love that he has the style to perfectly compliment Great White’s style while having his own distinct voice.

“Give it Up” and “Big Time” is very reminiscent of early era Great White (think the S/T and On Your Knees albums). This was really cool for me to hear as it was great to see that Great White can still reach back to their earlier roots and pull from them 30 something years later. Full Circle is chockful of great, melodic hard rock and serves as a reminder that Great White is still capable of delivering quality, fun hard rock n’ roll and that they are really tapping into a whole new reserve of greatness.

Who would have ever thunk it that Great White would release one of the best albums of their career 30 years after their debut album? Great White picked the perfect title for this album because this album really does find Great White coming full circle and offering us something old, something new, something borrowed, and something, well, Great White. Lyrically and musically it’s one of the best things Great White has done ever and it just proves that these guys are still full of great ideas. Full Circle is without a doubt a hard rock album that should not go ignored in 2017.


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