On Sunday, June 1, 2017 Graveyard performed their first “comeback” show since announcing their return to the game in Umea, Sweden. While no footage has emerged from this performance, Graveyard’s 2nd performance at Grasspop Metal Meeting Festival on June 18th was captured professionally and posted to YouTube. The 50+ minute set has Graveyard sounding in top form as they plowed through a dynamically powerful set featuring a new, unidentified drummer. I have no idea who this guy is but he is a great fit for the band and he really holds his own. It’s very obvious that this guy has found not only a connection with the band but with the songs themseleves. He really showcases his ability to play with outstanding dynamic and I feel like he will be a great fit for the band.

Graveyard Setlist:
No Good Mr. Holden
The Suit, The Law, & The Uniform
The Apple & The Tree
From a Hole in the Wall
Exit 97
Granny & Davis
Hisingen Blues
Too Much is Not Enough
Ain’t Fit to Live Here
Buying Truth
Uncomfortably Numb

Graveyard has a series of shows coming up in October. No word on any North American tour dates but as always, I’ll have them for you all here as soon as something is announced!

2017-10-03 Dresden (Beatpol) DE
2017-10-04 Wien (Ottakringer Brauerei) AT
2017-10-05 München (Freiheizhalle) DE
2017-10-06 Pratteln (Up in Smoke Vol. 5) CH
2017-10-08 Mezzago (Bloom) IT
2017-10-09 Salzburg (Rockhouse) AT
2017-10-10 Frankfurt (Gibson) DE
2017-10-11 Köln (Essigfabrik) DE
2017-10-12 Bochum (Zeche) DE
2017-10-13 Tilburg (013) NL
2017-10-15 Hamburg (Grünspan) DE


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