July 30, 2017
Atlanta, GA
The Masquerade

A Sunday night in Atlanta isn’t usually the most hoppin’ time but when Crobot’s in your town, no matter what night it is it feels like a Friday night.  Crobot took the stage and while a sense of change was in the air, there was a very visible change on stage.  Crobot kicked things off with “The Skull of Geronimo” which was such a fucking blow to the dome.  As lead singer Brandon Yeagly sang the line, “It’s easy to be a player when you buy your way in”, I couldn’t help but feel that it felt someone prophetic for the moment.

The band then slid right into “Wizards” which had the band achieving lift off with a  powerful and inspired performance.  With a setlist covering the band’s last two albums such as “Welcome to Fat City”, “Chupacabra”, and “La Mano de Lucifer”, Crobot took their people on a musical journey that had everyone bopping and moving along with the grooves that the band was laying down for us.  The thing about a Crobot show is that the energy on stage is so infectious that it spreads through the crowd and literally moves you.  If you aren’t moving at a Crobot show, you are probably fucking dead.

One of the things that made this the, hands down, best Crobot show I have seen to date was the chemistry that was happening on stage.  Guitarist Chris Bishop and bass player dude were constantly railing on each other all night, throwing picks at each other, and even at one point dancing together.  It sounds crazy I know but this is another thing I love about Crobot.  They are not afraid to just dork the fuck out on stage, have fun, and not give a fuck about what anyone thinks.  This really enhances the show as a whole and you can’t help but smile ear to ear.

Crobot closed out their hour plus set with “Legend of the Spaceborne Killer” which brought the house down but it was the closing encore, “Queen of Light” that to me was the showstopper of the night  This is hands down Yeagly’s shining moment and it’s performances like this that make him what I consider to be one of the greatest frontmen out on there today.

Crobot delivered the best show I have seen from them yet for many reasons.  Primarily, Crobot played with a comfort and camaraderie that I have never seen from them before.  Instead of being a band divided they fired on all cylanders and played like a unified entity.  This new found chemistry loosened up the vibe of the band and allowed them to not only play strong but allowed them to perform stronger as well.

A Crobot show is always a good time and for the time that they are on stage, they literally make you forget about all of the bad shit that is going out outside of those venue doors.  When a band can take you away from it all with a live performance and for a short time make the world a better place, that is a truly magical moment.  Not all bands can do this but Crobot not only pulled it off but they have now mastered it.


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