Venom Inc – Ave’
Release Date: August 11th, 2017
Label: Nuclear Blast

I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably saying, “Brainfart. Why are you reviewing Venom, Inc? They’re the fake Venom. Cronos is Venom, blah blah fucking blah. Well, first off I’d say, “Slow your roll there, hombre. You’re in my house so shut your piehole and let me talk.” For anyone in the know, Venom Inc is every bit as Venom as Cronos and his two hired guns are. In Venom Inc you have two original members of Venom and a singer/bassist who actually was in Venom when Cronos jumped ship. This line up put out three stellar albums so in my opinion, these guys are more Venom than Cronos but I’ll digress for now.

For now, we’re talking about Venom Inc’s debut album Ave’ and let me just say that this is a monster of a fucking album. From the first song, “Ave Satanas”, this in no way sounds like an “old” band or a band whose best years are behind them. The groove, the production, the sonic awesomeness of this song is an amazing way to kick off an album but it’s on “Metal We Bleed” where I feel the band truly hits their stride. “Dein Fleisch” is such a great song and I love that it shows Venom Inc’s ability to play with dynamics and not play everything at top speed. “Black and Roll” sounds like signature Venom. It’s a fun song that pays homage to all things rock n’ roll. Listen to the song and see how many rock/metal references you can pick out. Again, I loved this song so much because it was a fun way to end the album and also a great way to remind me why I loved Venom in the first place.

Ave’ is an absolutely outstanding way for Venom Inc to make their mark. I think it’s a bummer that these guys have to use the “Inc” tag at the end of their name because, in my opinion, this is Venom. This is the band that forged a genre and this is a band that has proved that not only are they a very important and integral part of metal’s past, they are also a huge part of metal’s current state and future. Ave’ is classic Venom in 2017 and proof that Demolition Man, Mantas, and Abaddon have only begun to show us what they are capable of. Cronos & Co better up their game or step aside because Venom Inc’s best years still lie ahead for these fellas who seem to be forever young.


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