Travelin’ Jack – Commencing Countdown
Release Date: September 8, 2017
Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Travelin’ Jack is one of those bands that when I saw the band name, I kind of had an idea of what I thought this band would sound like and while I was close, I wasn’t quite prepared for cosmic space rock sound that these Berlin-based cats were about to unload on me.  Travelin’ Jack (comprised of guitarist  Flo ´The Fly` Kraemer, vocalist Alia Spaceface, bassist Steve Burner and drummer Montgomery Shell) totally caught me off guard and pleasantly surprised with their 2017 release Commencing Countdown.

Travelin’ Jack is a band that scratches many itches for me.  Land of the River” has this kind of Led Zeppelin meets Black Sabbath groove to it while  “Cold Blood” harkens back to the classic, gritty, street cred days of classic KISS and “Miracles” taps into a cosmic Runaways kind of vibe.  The mellow early Fleetwood Mac (Peter Greene era) inspiration on “What Have I Done” made this song the absolute show stopper for me and Ms. Spaceface really lets loose on this one and showcases the attitude, passion, and over all “feel” in her already expressive voice.

All in all, Travelin’ Jack is a really fucking special band and a band that I am so grateful was brought to my attention.  Travelin’ Jack embodies the sounds of so many bands that I love; Zeppelin, Graveyard, Horisont, Hawkwind, Ziggy Stardust… I could go on forever.  Commencing Countdown is a modern cosmic space rock masterpiece for a whole generation that may have missed it the first time and for a generation that remembers it from afar and needed to be reminded that it was still around.  Commencing Countdown is a melting pot of cosmic rock and roll guaranteed to take you some place. Strap yourself in, get a grip and prepare for lift off.


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