Do you have a little over $1,000.00 bucks burning a hole in your pocket?  Well, if so, you can own yourself a pretty beat to hell piece of rock n’ roll memorabilia.  Just think, you and your band can own the very bus where Ian Gillan and Tony Iommi did lines of cocaine off of the backside of groupies; the place where Bev Bevan just say smiling and thanking God he had a job; the place where Geezer Butler contemplated suicide for having his name attached to the song “Zero the Hero.”

The bus popped up on a Euro Craig’s List kind of site with this description:

Here we have an Oddball! Back Sabbath’s old shagging wagon! Will carry one or two memories to say the least! Shes a 1984 Daf 8.2 litre diesel, push button automatic that has only covered around 160k. Shes 38 feet in length. In more recent times she was used to provide cheap accommodation up in Edinburgh. Has been off the road for a good while, but was driven (one quiet evening) to where she currently sits around three years ago!! Tyres are inflated, however you will need two big 12 volt batteries to turn her over. Has not been run since it was parked up but the mechanics were in great shape beforehand. The interior has been knocked around plenty but still has bunks, and kitchen of sorts, a toilet compartment / sink. and many 240v power sockets. Would make a fantastic project for someone! Willing to swap for something Interesting Car Van or Caravan?? But please NO Vectra’s / Mondeo’s or other forms of landfill!

Honestly, I’m not quite sure that this is legit because if this thing is a 1984, that means that it would have had to have been purchased during the 2nd leg of the North American Born Again tour and being that this is very obviously a European vehicle, it’s highly unlikely that Sabbath would have trekked across the US in this thing.  I may be wrong but I will be curious to see if anyone comes forward to actually validate that this belonged to Black Sabbath.


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