Seeds of Mary – The Blackbird and the Dying Sun
Release Date: October 20, 2017
Label: Klonosphere Records

Recently I got a press release telling me about a band from Bordeaux, France called Seeds of the Sun.  They’re a young, up and coming band who are about to release their 2nd album.  According to their press release, Seeds of the Sun are “further refining their sound giving more and more personality to their music which is a bit darker and yet more melodic, more mature and powerful than ever before.”  Further being described as having “dark atmospheres, heavy riffs and predominant vocal harmonies“, I had to give them listen.  I was intrigued.

I hit play and the first song, “I Am Not Afraid”, and right off the bat I had a really intense thought.  When I was a younger, fledgling metalhead, I never thought I would see the day where I would be old enough to see trends in music come around full circle and then again.  It’s crazy, I tell you.  Anyways, they didn’t even get 5 words into the verse and right away I could summarize this band very simply.  They are Alice In Chains to a “T” only with songs that aren’t as good.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I actually found myself somewhat enjoying this album as it wasn’t just a full on blatant rip off of Alice In Chains.  It was like 95% Alice In Chains and 5% Nine Inch Nails.  Part of me thinks, “Wow, it’s pretty cool that a bunch of kids from France were inspired enough by Alice In Chains to pretty much mold their entire sound around the band while adding just a touch of industrial flair ala Nine Inch Nails to it.  The only problem is that at this point, it’s been done before and as a matter of fact is still being done.  Alice In Chains is still an active band and trust me, they do Alice in Chains better than anyone because, well, they’re Alice In Chains.

I would have been really curious to hear these songs without such a heavy handed Alice In Chains sound because it sounds to me that Seeds of Mary have the ability to write and craft a song pretty well.  Hell, compared to most of the modern crap that is out there schlepping it around calling itself “metal”, this is definitely in the “does not suck” bin but at the same time, if I want to listen to Alice in Chains, I’ll listen to Alice in Chains.  Sorry guys but I’ve pretty much already forgotten what any of your songs even were other than songs that sounded like Alice in Chains.  That’s not really the best impression to make but hey, I’m an old cranky fuck.  Maybe the kids will disagree and you’ll be selling out clubs in the US next year.



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