That’s right folks.  The Brainfart is goin’ to Disney World for the next week or so but fear not.  I will return soon enough with more interviews, reviews, rants, and ravings.  You’ll love me, you’ll hate me, you’ll miss me!

In the meantime, you can catch up on shit you may have missed lately such as, INTERVIEWS, EDITORIALS, and ALBUM REVIEWS.

See ya real soon!



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Don (aka. The Brainfart) has been a heavy metal fan since hearing it for the first time in 1983. Don is also repsonsible for all of the typos, shitty grammar, and kick ass content on this site. Don likes cheap beer, whiskey, Coca Cola Icees, going to shows, and hanging with his kick ass wife, two cats and dog. He originally wanted to name his dog Shandi but his wife said, "No fucking way."

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