For anyone who has been reading this blog for any amount of time, you will know that I am a huge fan and supporter of LA based metal heavyweights, Kyng.  If you have ever seen and/or met these guys, you will also know that not only are they a relentless, amazingly talented force on the stage, off stage they are hands down the sweetest guys you will ever meet.  With that being said, I hate it when bad shit happens to good people.  After Kyng’s recent performance at Ozzfest in California, Kyng’s van and trailer containing all of their gear and merch was stolen.  This shit really chaps my hide and of course, my first thought was is there anything we can do to help?  Kyng themselves aren’t the kind of band to launch Kickstarter or Gofundme pages but their good friend, Jose Mangin did just that.

Jose Mangin of Siris XM / Affliction, stepped up to get involved in recovering their loss. This link will lead you to the GoFundMe campaign Jose is promoting, where your donation includes all kinds of perks from personalized messages, to a private taco party with the band!

Kyng is scheduled to perform at this year’s Ride For Dime in Fort Worth, TX on December 8th, anything at all helps to make that happen!


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