It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone.  I feel like it was just last month when I was thinking to myself, “I wonder how 2017 will go as far as interviews.  Well, this year was definitely  more about quality over quantity as I feel like I had some absolutely amazing interviews.  From talking with Stephen Pearcy of Ratt to hanging out on a tour bus with the legnedary Venom, Inc, 2017 once again proved to be a great year.  Getting inside the head of Jess & The Ancient Ones mastermind Thomas Corpse was definitely a highlight as was talking to newcomers to the scene Old James.  Talking with Geoff Tate is never not awesome and Lawrence Gowan of Styx proved to be one of my all time favorite interviews to date. 

Most of all, I’d like to thank all of you loyal Fartheads for coming to the site and enjoying the interviews as much as you have.  If you missed any of them this year, fear not as they are all listed here for your time wasting glory!  Enjoy!

January 11 –Slik Toxik/Punishment Guitarist Kevin Gale

January 16 –Ratt Vocalist Stephen Pearcy

February 17 –Striker Vocalist Dan Cleary

March 6 –Geoff Tate

March 17 –Kyng Drummer Pepe Clarke

April 14 –Troubled Horse Guitarist Tom Jondelius

April 24 –Powerglove Bassist Nick Avila

May 3 –Tesla Guitarist Frank Hannon

May 5 –Municipal Waste Vocalist Tony Foresta

May 10 –Municipal Waste Guitarist Ryan Waste

June 30 –Great White Guitarist Mark Kendall

July 5 – Styx Vocalist/Keyboardist Lawrence Gowan

July 17 – Galley Beggar Vocalist Maria O’Donnell

August 17 – Captain Beyond Drummer/Founding Member Bobby Caldwell

August 25 – Crobot’s Chris Bishop & Brandon Yeagley

September 18 – Travelin’ Jack Drummer Monz

September 29 – Jess and the Ancient Ones Guitarist Thomas Corpse

October 2 – Old James Bassist/Vocalist Brian Stephenson

November 1 – Venom Inc’s Mantas & Demolition Man



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