Wucan – Reap the Storm
Release Date: September 29, 2017

German krautrock masters Wucan returned this year with, hands down, their best release to date: Reap the Storm. Reap the Storm is a sonically epic album of flute laden 70’s tinged hard rock that is chockfull of epic psychedelic hard rock gems. I know what you’re thinking: “Great, another Jethro Tull wannabe band.” Honestly, Wucan couldn’t be further from that and, in my opinion, Wucan picks up the ball that Blood Ceremony dropped with their last album by taking their sound to a whole new cosmic level.

Reap the Storm has Wucan truly refining their sound and coming into their own as a band that stands apart from the pack. The album kicks off with the 10 minute epic, “Wie Die Wel Sich Dreht” and while I have no fucking clue what lead singer/flautist/guitarist Francis Tobolsky is saying, this song just set the pace for what was going to be a cosmic interstellar journey of the mind. The 21 minute “Aging Ten Years in Two Seconds” is everything that I love about this kind of music as it mixes elements of folk, psych rock, and ethereal (and at times ambient) layers which combined create a song that actually takes you somewhere.

Closing out with yet another epic track, the 18 minute long “Cosmic Guild” was the perfect way to close out this amazing album. It’s hard to imagine that an 18 minute song would leave you wanting more but Wucan did just that. Every song on this album is a psychedelic hard rock gem and Reap the Storm is an album that has secured Wucan a position in the top tier of bands such as Graveyard, Blues Pills, and Siena Root just to name a few. With Reap the Storm, Wucan has also found their grove, solidified their sound, and created an album that I just can’t stop listening to! Bravo kids… Bravo!


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