Savage Master – Creature of the Flames
Release Date: October 13, 2017

2017 wasn’t a super great year for metal releases in my opinion.  That being said, among all of the shitty grind/stomp/facepunch/blackened death core and hipster/scenester metal bullshit there were some gems that cut through them all like a hot knife through butter.  One of those releases was the latest EP from Savage Master, Creature of the Flames.

I have this problem (not so much a problem for me as it is for the bands) of setting my expectations really high for the bands that I love.  When a band blows my mind and I fall in love with a band, I continue to set my expectations high for that band.  The first time I ever heard Savage Master I knew they were on to something.  With each passing release they continued to grow but with Creature of the Flames, Savage Master has achieved juggernaut status.

The opening track, “Child of the Witch” did exactly what I hoped and thought it would do and that was kick me in the goddamn face.  “Burning Leather” to me is the real show stopper here as it has Savage Master cooking it up on high and blowing the lid completely off.  Lead vocalist Stacey Savage has really come into her own and at this point is a reigning metal priestess.  As a whole, the band really shines on this track because it sounds like they bled themselves dry.  Actually, I’m hard pressed to even find something I don’t like about this EP because it’s fucking flawless; even more so after 3 listens.

Savage Master really delivered the goods in a huge way and with Creature of the Flames have without a doubt solidified their position in the top tier of my favorite metal bands.  I always expect 100% from Savage Master they completely exceeded my expectations two-fold at least.  If you ever find yourself forgetting just what heavy metal is all about and what the true, undying spirit of metal sounds like, listen to Creature of the Flames and you will be quickly reminded at just how fucking good heavy metal could be and should be.


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